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Paranormal and Fibro? Have an open mind or don't bother to read.

This may sound very odd to some of you... and I know of course there is a lot of skeptics. I just ask that the replies respect eachothers religions and beliefs. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. I also want to note that if you have fibro you probably have an open mind and are tired of people telling you its all in your head. So when you read this question think of it in the manner.

If that makes any sense lol

Anyone with fibro knows that is affected by temp changes, pressure changes, storms etc.

I have always been an open minded person and I do believe in the paranormal. I know that a lot of people tend to turn to eastern medicine, herbs and magics.. .but I am american and was raised in this society. I am used to western medicines and the whole TABOO of Ghosts and eastern medicines. So keep in mind that our social status's often times do dictate our beliefs. I am however open minded but I'm not about to say OMG a ghost! I'm spirtual, but scientific at the same time. I probably am not making much sense as well hehe.

Disclaimer: I am not saying this is fact nor is it not fact. I am simply putting this out there to see what other people have experienced etc.

Ghosts supposably draw of energies.. and are more active from storms. Fibro acts up like crazy for me around storms.

Do you think that there is a relation between people with fibro and "psychic" tendencies? Do you think that we can feel energy changes and when something may be coming around. Perhaps people with fibro are more sensitive to the other side because we are simply more sensitive to the world around us? I know I sound nuts :) But hey keep an open mind.. you simply don't know what is out there. After all.. we keep discovering new species in the oceans.. we keep finding new stars.. the universe is huge and never ending.

This also brings me to the emf....Below here is a posting and credited from the source:

"Can electromagnetic fields (EMF) from power lines, home wiring, airport and military radar, substations, transformers, computers and appliances cause brain tumors, leukemia, birth defects, miscarriages, chronic fatigue, headaches, cataracts, heart problems, stress. nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and other health problems? " Site ==> http://www.mercola.com/article/emf/emf_dangers.htm

People with Fibro are more sensitive to pressure, energy etc.. and if you disregard this whole "ghost/paranormal" as bogus at least buy an emf reader for your home to check to see if its high. emf could be effecting your level of pain etc. Of course thats not a reason and blowing off fibro.. its real. And I know it.

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You are right , culture we were born in has lots to do with this . I was raised in India and hearing about chakras and subtle body since childhood lol . After years of researching near death experience phenomena / ghosts / evp and reading holy texts I am convinced we have a body but we not not these bodies , we are pure energy beings . After all everything is energy , if you a point a microscope to your hand or a piece of paper you will see tiny electrons in motion ! Ghosts are actually human beings without a body trapped in the astral plane in between worlds due to some unfinished work , guilt , anger , refusing to forgive , etc and they can suck energy from us ! The saying like attracts like is so true . In his book "virtual medicine" Doctor Scott Mumby talks about how energy and information create our reality and how energy signatures of disease appears in the quantum field many years before the actual illness takes place . If you are sick you have a weak aura and this opens you up and makes you sensitive . Ghosts draw energy from sick people who are depressed , anxious and thinking negatively . On coast to coast am radio show one researcher mentioned if you want to drive away negative energies then organize a big party in your home every month ! That's why we should always mind the mind , we create our own future by our thoughts . Dr. Scott even says to install special equipment to switch off power supply in our house(except the freezer of course) to guard against emf . Metal springs in our bed could be acting as huge antennas directing radiation from emf , cell phone towers into our bodies ! Ghosts are also active in places where there is large quantities of water . This brings us to the "water memory" , and is the reason why homeopathy remedy work even though they have no molecule of the actual substance and how water is used to transmit vibrations (holy water to drive away ghosts) in every religion . To understand the whole thing I recommend going to www.near-death.com and start reading nde's . To protect yourself from energy hogging spirits or people do the white light meditation in which one imagines a golden white light of God protecting all around him . Play some gospel music , it acts as spiritual lysol . Also clean your house by burning holy sage and saying no negative energy can stay in this place and only positive energy can stay in this place .

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That was very enlightening and appreciated. =) I'm going to check out the site as I always have found the unknown fascinating. I can see how Auras of those that are ill can be weak allowing ghosts to feed off of them. I remember a friend telling me one time about either Mayans or Aztecs? About the belief that people steal energy from another... and sometimes this can leave people drained etc.

This post was very random, but i've had "encounters" with the paranormal since I was a child and I was wondering if there could possibly be a correlation between Fibro and the supernatural.. after all we are better weather predictors than the weather man. haha.

Growing up in India had to be fascinating. =D I haven't studied much of the religion in that area but I'm getting there! I'm twenty two and I mainly study Christianity and the main european religions. I do believe that every religion is related in some form and we should be able to take pieces from each. And when dealing with Fibro and other various illnesses I think having an open mind is a good.. and when you're in this much pain and western medications fail.. You really do open your mind to anything that can free you.

I've found that meditation is a great stress reliever.
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Oh and I read somewhere while browsing the internet that some people seem to believe that psychic tramas can cause Fibro. X_X I just can't find the article. haha
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There have been suggestions by those in the research field that fibro. may begin with a traumatic event or after surgeries.  I haven't seen anything about 'psyhic trauma' unless you mean someone who would suffer from PTSD.  

It's been long theorized that children in an area that have exposed cable lines connected to telephone poles, suffer more ailments.  High emfs have been connected to feelings of dizziness, nausea, headaches and body sensations.

I can understand and agree with many points here, but it leaves me with many questions as well.  All in all, if you do something or believe in something that results in bringing you peace and lessens your pain...I say go with it regardless of what anyone else believes.

This was an interesting subject.    
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I am in the UK and found your text very interesting - it has got me thinking anyway.  I have been diagnosed with ME/CFS but with chronic back pain muscle tender points all over back, spasm in leg etc and when i mention fybro to dr he does say that they are so interlinked its so hard to define each one sometimes so he's sticking to the ME?CFS diagnosis with fybro type symptoms too.  I have done spiritual development and have done a lot of meditation in my time and know the benefits - so will also be looking out for my symptoms being linked to weather n stuff - will also start practising spiritualism again an doing more in that area to see any benefits for symptoms etc (would like to try reiki again to see what effect that has) - good advice and I will be keep reading the helpful post on this subject. thank you.
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I definately think there could be a link. I have Fibro and so does my mother in law and grand mother inlaw and we are all what I guess you could call "sensitive".  All of us are different though.  I can sense when there is something wrong with someone close to me and have been able to since I'm a child.  My mother in law and grand mother inlaw can do the same but more, they claim to have visions.  I'll tell you a true story.  Before I met my husband I was told he was driving home from work in the middle of a snow storm and got into an accident on one of the windy back roads.  My mother inlaw sensed and saw the accident in her minds and went out looking for him, sure enough her was exactly where she inviisioned him to be.  My grand mother inlaw can predict death, there have been 5 or 6 people that she has either seen a vision of them turning into a skeleton, or touched them and seen them turn into a skeleton and then days or weeks later the next thing you knew they actually died.  I know it all sounds kind of crazy but it's 100% fact.  I'm a Christian (no not a nutty one) and consider these to be gifts from God, although I think with these gifts often come physical triumph.  I've seen a few programs on psychic people that say if you don't know how to have what they call "psychicc hygiene" you can absord all the negativity and pain around and from other people as well and can actually become very ill from it.  Good theory, and I'm in agreement but don't think the medical world would be so open minded.
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I am also Christian and do believe that there are those who are 'super-sensitive' in that their instincts, intuition and emotions allow them to sense things.  My mother and I had that connection; my son and I have it now.  My visions would come in dreams, but since i've had so many medical problems that has stopped.  I think my body is spending more energy trying to take care of the physial aspects that the mental ones are negatively effected.  

As for your grandmother...I wonder if she, at times, thinks it's more of a curse than a gift to be able to see death coming.  That would be difficult for anyone to take on.
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hello. these are some interesting theories. in regards to the paranormal, i think we have only just begun to understand things like nde's and the spiritual realm. i would like to hear about some of your own experiences as i have studied such things all my life. feel free to send me a message or reply here. take care, gm
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Very interesting.  I to had a very close connection with my Father, while in my 20's he became very ill.  I would wake in the middle of the night screaming, I would know that something was wrong and sure enough each time this would happen he would end up in the hospital for another operation.  I lost him in 2005.  Thinking back on it that is about the time that my problems began, they started out mild so I did not pay attention, my symptoms continued to get worse over the last few years.  In 2007 I lost my step son, it was unexpected a car crash.  I was very close to him.  I consider myself to be very spiritual and have touched on all types of religion.  I do not discuss my dreams and feelings with others because of the reaction that most would give.  I had a friend that use to say over during the time that this would happen with my father and it really freaked them out.  I have learned to go with my gut feeling when it comes to people; so many times I have met someone and knew to stay away but would think that I was being silly.  I know longer feel that way, I guess you can say I have proven myself correct way to many times.  I'm now very cautious and pay very close attention to my intuitions.  I hope I don’t sound crazy but there have been too many incidents to just call them coincidences.
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Love and life purpose are intertwined.
Nowadays many people are looking for purpose in their life as though there were an unconscious craving to seek and do whatever it is they need to do. The NDE near death experience offers some insight into why this need for purpose exists. NDE near death experiences have a remarkable number of returnees who confirm that there is almost a requirement that someone do 'purpose' while on earth. Quite often the  reason given the NDE near death experience person for being sent back to the physical body, was that they hadn't yet performed their purpose. Most of the NDE near death experiences have resulted in the experiencer seeking to find purpose in life, something that adds the human culture, rather than taking from it.
Listed below are quotes from a number of books on the near death experience. Next to the quotes which follow below are the page numbers.


Saved by the Light, Brinkley
58. A businessman’s purpose should be to create spiritualistic capitalism. Show people how to rely on their spiritual selves, instead of government and churches. People should not let religion control them.
122. You will know what to do every step of the way.

Life After Life, Moody
65. Learn to love other people and acquire knowledge.
93. He now feels that it is his purpose while on earth to love people like the light being
loved him.


Beyond the Light, Atwater
9. There is no purpose in feeling a need to assess gains or losses made so as to be aware of what one learned or failed to learn. Memories can be open-ended and can include the infinite knowledge as well as the memory knowledge.
12. I had a purpose to fulfill on earth and I could come back to the light after I completed it.
14. The voice said, " What have you learned and who have you helped?"
14. Some NDE near death experiences involve women and men who will occasionally meet the children they will eventually beget.
14. Children will sometimes meet dead siblings or siblings to be born in the future.
65. Before we are born, we promise to pretend that time and space are real, so we can come here for the purpose of advancing our spirit.
85. I was shown the evolution of spirit and soul.
96. The simplest acts of kindness are of major importance. Each person is a unique and integral part of a larger plan.
97. She was told to become a communicator and help people become aware of their true identities.
97. Her true nature and that of everyone else was love.


Reborn in the Light, Southerland
174. The knowing had three purposes; to find out more about themselves; to awaken newly awakened personal gifts or talents; and to love others.

Within the light
23. I do believe there’s a purpose for me going on and that I won’t go until that purpose is fulfilled.
24. Religion is not factual - We shouldn’t allow our selves to be led by religion.
44. I believe that love, affection compassion and generosity really help people.
53. I learned that love is the most important feeling in the universe.
184. Our first purpose is to upgrade human consciousness.
200. You will be shown what is your life’s purpose.
203. Learn patience and obedience.
210. We are to give out to humanity, in order to bring about change.
211. We need to forgive everyone.
213. Our lives are guided by God. Total surrender is total freedom.


The Light Beyond, Moody
30. During the NDE near death experience, a flash-forward revealed marriage and children.
41. Love is why we are here, it’s the most important thing in life.
45. They become aware of how their actions affect the future.


Death's Door, Ritchie
51. You’ve achieved success and stardom, but you haven’t achieved personal happiness and peace of mind. The NDE near death experience of a Hollywood actress.
125. His grandfather advised him not to fear life before he came back.
148. The important things in life are love and knowledge.
178. His mother told him to go back, because he had lots to do yet.


Closer to the Light, Moody
140. She saw her future husband and children.
141. The only real fear is not accomplishing our work in this life.
149. There is more to life, than most people experience.
186. It is your job to care for yourself. Instructions received by a NDE near death experience attempted suicide received before returning to his physical life.
190. Revere life and see the intricate connections through out the universe.
190. Some are transformed so that they can subdue their own egos, thus becoming sensitive to others.


Transformed by the Light, Morse
viii. She became aware of her true pure self, unattached to the people and family of her current life.
X. She experienced the feelings of those she hurt as well as those she helped.
2. She solved most of her problems and now could go either way.
49. You’re going back, we have plans for you.
55. Because we have something for you to do.
60. "You didn’t do much." She felt there was a mission left undone.
150. The light said to send all her energy to her worst enemy. When this was done the light said, "Now you have prayed for the very first time."
165. The attempted suicide was shown that her body was something to be taken care of not killed.

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"I have learned to go with my gut feeling when it comes to people; so many times I have met someone and knew to stay away but would think that I was being silly.  I know longer feel that way"

I'm the same way. My instincts once saved me from being a victim of a violent crime.


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PlateletGal - God gave us intuition for a reason and any good therapist or counselor will compel one to listen to their instincts (as they are probably correct).

P.S.  I love Edgar Cayce.
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I agree !  You know there was this expert on crimes who was on the Oprah Winfrey show recently. He said that every victim that he has interviewed all had one thing in common.... they ignored their gut feeling.

I also like Edgar Cayce ! ; ^ )

Happy Turkey Day All !
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I have fibro and ...ever since I was a child I have had extremely vivid "dreams".  I can remember each one in exact detail even now (I'm 52, so some were a really long time age!!!).  I always knew they were different and had a special meaning even if the meaning was symbolic or hidden.
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I don't want to leave my name.  I'm a medical professional.  Obviously, when it comes to the paranormal, all is conjecture; therefore, the question of a correlation between the paranormal and fibromyalgia is also conjecture.   That said, I also have fibromyalgia.  I found this page because I googled "fibromyalgia and paranormal."   I don't wish to go into much depth, but I have reason to believe there is indeed a correlation between fibromyalgia and people who would be considered "sensitive."  I recommend you and others continue to delve into this.
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