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Provigil and Effexor

Hey all,
The Psychiatrist said he was willing to treat the symptoms that I'm experiencing from the RA and FMS with Provigil (for fatigue) and Effexor XR (for pain).  What do you all think?

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Hello Leila006,
You have definitely been through a lot medication and pain wise. I am glad though that someone is finally addressing the fatigue problems you have been having.

Here are my thoughts. The Provigil might be okay. I've never tried it myself, I have heard of this being used for fatigue before, so it does make a little bit of sense. I have heard more often other options being used though, but I would give it a chance and see how it goes.

The Effexor might be okay for you as well. I've actually taken it before and didn't like it because it was way too energizing for me, but this might be a very good aspect for you. It's is similar to Savella in that it's a SNRI as well, so there is a chance that it might help with pain, but it's only prescribed off label to help the pain of Fibromyalgia. It may or may not help you. I am a bit of a skeptic about it, but my belief is that everybody is different, and some people respond very well to it. You might be that person.

I guess another option would be to stick out the Savella and try the Provigil with it and see how that goes. That way you wouldn't be changing too much while your still getting used to your Plaquenil. If that doesn't help after a couple more weeks you could switch to the Effexor. It's hard to gauge new medications when your on multiple ones. I like to try and keep the changes to a minimum if I can that way I know which one was doing what. Good luck and keep us updated!
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"Here are my thoughts. The Provigil might be okay. I've never tried it myself, I have heard of this being used for fatigue before, so it does make a little bit of sense. I have heard more often other options being used though".....

What other options have you heard about?  Please share.  I'm not solely depending on the dr's regarding the research of our condition.  

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I was just speaking of the Ritalin and Adderall, both medications you are probably familiar with.
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I am desperate for answers regarding my chronic leg pain and fatigue. My doctor keeps increasing my Cymbalta. Now wants me to get off of Elavil 25mg and Adderal 15mg. Doctor says take the Neurontin for sleep. The Elavil works best for pain, but I can hardly get up in the mornings and it has made me gain 10 plus pounds and counting. I take Clonapin 0.5mg twice a day. Getting off the Elavil, I am having cold feet and hands and a very unsettling feeling and absolutley no energy. Is this withdraw and how long do i suffer? I have kids, a full time job and a house that I never feel like getting organized because of this constant battle with medication switch-a-roo. I am thinking of asking to switch to Effexor? The Cymbalta does not helpp my leg pain at all and makes me feel "just here".
any suggestions.
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Hello and Welcome,
I have just a couple of questions for you. Have you started on the Neurontin yet? And did your doctor pull you off of the Elavil cold turkey or is he tapering you? Neurontin is an anti-seizure med. It works very well for pain- for some people it does cause drowsiness.

I would call your doctor and ask about the withdrawal. Every medication is different.    

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I've taken both. Effexor works quite well.  Provigil-be cautious. Especially if you have high blood pressure or any heart issues. I can only tolerate /12 a pill at a time. It makes my heart race. It helps with fatigue but it's very much like a caffeine pill, you will feel like you are crashing later.  Don't take it late in the day.  
What about Cymbalta? Cymbalta is touted for pain from FM and I think for RA? Effexor has a lot more side effects. But again I did have success with it.  
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