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Trigger injection

Went to see rumatolist he is now saying will send y to a pain clinic and they can give y trigger injections. DOES ANYONE HAD THESE AND DO THEY WORK.They wont make me worse. Please answer my letter Dorothy. thanks.
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From what I've heard, and from people I have talked to, if they work at all, they are only a short term fix. I am taking Lyrica, and that has been the best thing I have found for the pain. I'm almost pain free. I still have spinal issues, so get pain from that, but my fibro all-over body pain has improved about 80% with the Lyrica. You might ask your rheumie about some samples of it to try.
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I've been curious about the trigger injections, too.  Although, I've heard that they should be tried *after* doing some p.t. with some trigger spray and stretching... it's usually only used for serious cases that aren't helped by that (Unless I'm misinformed?)  Let me know if they work, though, I'd be curious about that.  I have only *recently* been diagnosed with Fibro (Jan 21, 2008) and have been put on both Cymbalta and Lyrica... I find the side effects for Lyrica almost debilitating and I'm unsure if it's really going to help (doc put me on a VERY low dose to begin with, and even that is terminally messing up my system.  I feel chronically stoned, now.)

Anyways, I guess that's all a bit off topic.  
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My Rheumie rejected the notion of trigger point injections but he also mistakenly thinks that Chronic Myofascial Pain disease and FMS are the same thing.

If injections were offered, I'd try them at least once. Facet joint injections worked short term for my arthritic spine and any relief, no matter how short lived it is, is welcome by me!
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I hated my trigger point injections.  I was in more pain after I got them due to the sensativity in my back, not to mention all the weight I put on from them.. I had close to 15 shots monthly.. along with pain meds.. nothing works on me, and I am just wondering what are they doing to my insides.. I am pregnant right now and I had two miscarriages while I was on the injections... No more..
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