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advice please

I'm new to this forum, and I hope that you'll be able to help me out.  For the last 16 months or so I've been unwell.  I am suffering disabling fatigue, and a range of bizarre symptoms including;
Non-responsive pain, mainly in my legs (and yes, even with really strong prescription painkillers, nothing shifts it)
Burning on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands.
Electric shock sensation and hypersensitivity on my back and trunk.
Intententional tremor (not all the time, but really bad when I get tired)
Serious cognitive issues.

I've been tested for MS (still ongoing, and my Grandmother had MS), but I'm not convinced that it is MS, too many things don't really fit.  My GP isn't really convinced about fibro.  

I did have CFS in my late teens, early 20's (about 20 years ago, blimey am I that old!?!)

Any help?
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Hi and welcome.

Have you been tested for Lyme Disease?  I am glad you are seeing someone regularly for potential MS.  There must be a reason that your physician is concerned about this with you (the symptoms you list are those related to MS as well).

Please check our Health Pages for information on Newly Diagnosed, as it shows what other medical conditions can cause like symptoms of FMS/CFS.  There is also info. that will explain the symptoms better and you can compare them with what you are experiencing.  

I'm sorry you are having these problems right now.  I hope you can find something useful here that you can discuss with your physician on your next visit.  We all understand the pain and frustration involved with these illnesses and are here for you.

Take care.
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Thanks for this.  I'm in the UK, and we don't really have a problem with Lyme Disease as far as I know, but I'm seeing my GP at the end of the weeks so I'll ask him if I've been checked for it (I have had about a leg full of blood taken over the months...) and if it is active in this region.  
Let you know

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Yes, it does appear that the UK is also effected.

"The HPA also notes that “incidents of Lyme Disease have increased by 90% since 2006 across the UK, and New Forest, South Downs, Dorset, and Berkshire have now been named as tick hot-spots.”


You're quite welcome and hope all goes well for you.

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I definitely would consider ruling out lyme disease (and other possibilties, including MS) before you accept a fibro diagnosis.

Your symptoms could certainly be due to fibromyalgia, but I wanted to mention that a new national research institute in the U.S. that is researching CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, autism and other illnesses... is also researching what they refer to as 'atypical MS'.

Here is the link for that information if you are interested:


Also, if you get tested for lyme disease... please consider that often test results will be false negatives. There is a preferred lab here in the U.S. ( (http://www.igenex.com/), but I'm not sure about the U.K.  In any event, consider getting tested more than once if your first result is negative. At least that way when you finally have your diagnosis, you will be more comfortable with it and also on the right treatment as well.

Warmest Regards,


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