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diet vs fibro

Has anyone found any simple diet changes that have helped fibro symptoms?  I am having a really bad few days.  I need to find something besides more drugs.  I feel like a pill popper.  I don't want to take this stuff anymore.  I know everyone's different, but maybe there are some diet changes that help most.  Any suggestions?  Thank you!!
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Diet is very important for people who are chronically ill. Of course it is difficult sometimes for us to eat a healthy diet, because we are often too sick to cook !  Anyhow, I highly recommend this article by Garth Nicolson, Ph.D.

"Dietary Considerations for Patients with Chronic Illnesses and Multiple Chronic Infections"

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I do not follow one, but it probably would help if I did.  It is recommended to cut out all caffeine, dairy foods, sugars, red meat, carbonated drinks, fried foods and salt.  This is pretty much my diet, lol.

They do have a Fibromyalgia cookbook available, if you are interested in something like that. Fibromyalgia Cookbook by Mary Mueller is one source.
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I'm going to look at this link.  Thank you PlateletGal.  I didn't know there was a Fibromyalgia cookbook, so thank you for that information, too, VaBreeze.

Some things I already know to do have to deal with the digestive issues that come with these illnesses.

And, the other thing I already know about has to do with avoiding all nightshade produce.  Nightshades are known to cause and aggravate joint and muscle pain.  It turns out that they all aggravate my GERD, too.  It's easy to avoid something that causes this much digestive distress.

I have gone through the elimination food challenge diet.  I have to stay on it the rest of my life, as far as I know, because everything on the list is something I'm sensitive to.  But, the good things about it are that I have lost a significant amount of weight, which in my case I needed to do, and I no longer need to take prescriptions for my GERD.  

I'm with you about avoiding taking any more drugs than I have to.  I can sure understand that!  Especially since I'm dealing with MCS along with undiagnosed CFS/FMS.  It's like pulling teeth finding the right doctors who will take this seriously.
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