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fibromyalgia and ibs

hello all
new to this forum
i have ibs for a few yrs now and was just wondering does it go hand in hand with fibromyalgia,my muscles lately are always tired esp around my shoulders and seem to get a lot of chest pain under arms comes and goes a lot at night time .even if i exercise and i do everyday my muscles ache and i am by no means over doing it.
anyway just looking for some info
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My first suggestion is to go see a doctor ask him to check you over. Alot of people with fibro also have ibs but it does not always go hand in hand. I have a friend who has suffered for years with ibs but she doesn't have fibro. I have had fibro for 24 years and have suffered on and off.I was misdiagnosed with lupus,hepatitis,rheumatoid arthritis, & just arthritis. I finally had enough with this last flare & made my doc send me to a specialist. Do not let your doc say oh it is nothing or say it will go away.
Symptoms of FM (Fibromyalgia) are different for everyone. To me it sounds like you could be in the first stages of fibro or you could just have sore muscles. But I would definately go to your doc. The pain from FM can start in your shoulders one day & the next day your legs hurt & the next day your feet are sore...... It moves where ever it feels like going.
Like I said go see your doc & don't let him sluff it off as it is nothing. I was just diagnosed in January after 24 years. I was at the point I didn't care what anyone said I was going to get a proper diagnoses if it took them one year to find out.
Let us all know what happens when you see the doc.
Good Luck
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for the words above yeah i am seeing a gastrologist with the ibs and yes i can relate to you in geting a diagnosis ,you would not believe the amnount of tests and how long before they told me i had ibs.i will talk to my doc ,my muscles dont feel like they are just sore so to speak they feel heavy, some days it is a real efffort to move about. i will say did have tests for inflamation -rheumatoid-arrthritis etc a good few times and they are ok

take care
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The pain from FM is so difficult to describe. Mine 24 year ago hit me like a ton of bricks. I woke up one morning & I was so stiff it took me about 1/2 hour to get out of bed, I had to pick up a coffee cup with two hands as my wrists wouldn't bend. That one only lasted 3 weeks & then I didn't have any flares for about 5 years. The next one hit me in the hips, knees, feet & shoulders that lasted 3 months. The first thing they will tell you is you have to have at least 11 trigger points out of 18 & then pain has to last at least 3 months. It also has to hit you in the upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right portions of your body. That is why I say you may be just starting to experience it as it is only in your shoulder area. When you go see your doc ask him if he can give you a full body bone scan, he may not give it to you if it is only your shoulders hurting. The pain sounds like FM it feels like someone is sitting on your muscles. I know when it hit me in the legs the pain was so intense that I couldn't tell if it was my muscles hurting or the bones hurting. This last flare has been the wurst as it hit in Oct. it went straight up my spine like a bolt of lightning. I am still experiencing pain all over expecially when I try & clean my house.
Let me know what the doc says. The best doc to diagnose you would be a rheumatologist. The doc might just give you a muscle relaxer. I don't know. I am on morphine 45 mg 2x day. Pantoloc for my acid reflux, an amitriptoline to help me sleep which isn't doing a good job lately.
Keep in touch,
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i too had the amitriptoline for nerve pain with the ibs ,was on 25mg first knocked the lights out and very tired the next day doc dropped me down to 10mg after 3 days still very heavy on my head ,so i stopped was not worth being sleepy the next day ,i did not find them great for sleep either at night and kinda felt i had a hang over with them the next day anyway just a thought

be good to yourself
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I agree 110% that the two go hand in hand.  My clinicians have spent years and dozens and dozens of tests, including over dozen endoscopies, colonoscopies, and one capsule endoscopy (very cool).  I bounced from specialist to specialist until I found one that had the digestive primary experience, HIV experience (for my history), and understood the mechanics behind RA/AS and FMA.  I take Lomotil which seems to help with the IBS.  The only thing is that since I had my gall bladder out 12/23/07, I have not been able to eat ANY green and leafy vegetables.

Cheers!  - Raun
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