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to anyone with fibromyalgia,what were your 1st symptoms? i have recently had 2 disc surgeries in the past few months, lumbar on sept 19, cervcal with fushion on oct 31,last week i was diagnosed with si joint dysfunction and recived my 1st si block,and a nurse talked to me about fibromyalgia. i belie.when did u seek medical treatment? what was it? any info at all, i would really appreciate!!ve i may have it
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My first symptoms were over 4 years ago.  I was just recently (2 months ago) FINALLY diagnosed with Fibro. after having every conceivable test run!  I have been poked, prodded and pinched for 4 years.  So, with that being said...The very first thing I noticed was that I was just unable to "recover" from yard work.  I have never been a sedintary person and about one year to one and half years after my third child was born, I noticed that raking, gardening, mowing would just KILL me!  My muscles would ache for three to four days like someone had taken a stick to me!  I thought at first that I was just out of shape and that other factors were involved - (I was a heavy drinker and had diabetes and didn't really get a lot of sleep!)  So - I chaulked it up to unhealthy living.  Then it just started progressing....My sleep pattern became very weird and I would awaken after 8 hours of sleep and feel like I had not slept.  My neck and shoulders ached ALL the TIME!   This went on for until 2005.  I started having extreme pain in my right side and usually one to two weeks out of the month - my knees (more over, the BACK of my knees)  would just ache and burn something awful.  I was still drinking pretty heavily at the time so again - I thought it was something else.  I had my gallbladder removed in Feb of 2006 but the pain was still there.  I finally got sober in April of 2006 but the muscle pain stayed with me!  The sleep problems have stayed with me as well.  I have unspecific muscle pain all over my body at this point.  Some days it is in the upper region, some days it is my lower limbs only, some days its BOTH.  I feel like I am just about to come down with the flu about 80% of the time.  Tired, achy, sore, fatigued.  It takes around one to two weeks for me to "recover" from any kind of hard physical labor and sex even makes me "flare" up!  There is nothing wrong with my joints.  I have no inflammation  (as is the case with fibromyalgia)  As to when I sought medical treatment....well, I've been to about 20 doctors over the course of 4years.  The Rhuematologist prescribed Lyrica.  Have yet to try it...very scared of it.  Maybe someone on this posting forum will have some advice.
Hope all goes well..
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