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I havent been dx yet.. however im afraid what i have may be fibromyalgia.i am experiencing stiff neck,body aches (ALL OVER) and i can sleep all day due to severe fatigue, dizzy, forgetfulness.this has been going on for seven days now. i have always had muscle aches and pains. i have spina bifida (mild form) and a tethered spinal cord.
degenerative disc..etc.. but i have never been so tired and all i want to do is sleep. does this sound like fibromyalgia or something else.. see dr tomm but feel horrible wanted some info now.what kind of test should i take??
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Hey Melbee2.

You sure have a challenging life. (Not the kind you wished for.)
  But hang in there. There are things you can do.

Usually the tender point test (11 minimum out of 18 points) with confirmed pain
for at least 3 months. it is rather fast and it's done at the Reumies office.
Sometimes confused with other conditions. Lab tests and X-Rays may be needed
to rule that out.
Also check for Lyme disease, as it the symptoms could be similar.
Sometimes Lyme disease dx is difficult as the bacteria"hide" from the immune system.
You would need an LLMD (Lyme's Literate Medical Doctor) for proper evaluation.
Hope this helps.
Should you need some more info or Holistic suggestions,please post at the alternative therapies or message me directly. (by the way, I do not promote or sell anything)

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your doctor should run a battery of test to rule out other problems fibro can mimic other auto immune diseases.also there is no test to confirm..if you are not sleeping well it can give you a hole host of problems..its something abouut rehlm sleep even though you might sleep alot and never feel as you do its because you are not getting the right type..I take meletonin over the counter natural.I have used sleep aids in the past and found it made a huge diffrence.. that in itself can add to forgetfulness and chronic pain..thugh it is a visiouse cycle one leads to the other and so on..you can say the same for depression and chronic pain it causes the same..
I have had fibro for over 10 yrs now so I understand if you need to talk feel free to pm me
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Hi, you say you have had FMS for 10yrs, can you tell me if it is degenerative...I was diagnosed last year but the consultant and my GP did not tell me.....so I have battled on in work/on/off/sick with different symptoms but now feel so bad im on the sick again and GP this time gave me some Mr advise on FMS I also have thyriod imbalance is this connected...do you think? Another GP said if I take HRT all my symptoms will go?? Really confused and scared and unsure if I should return to work as my vision and memory are quite bad at the moment.....
I would appreciate it if you could give me an insight to how you manage this syndrome.
     Thank you...Best regards jude
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it is said Fibro is not progressive..I dont honestly agree..but fibro enhances all that is wrong already so if you have say the flu well it might take you longer to get better..for me I have a sever back and nerve damage it is worsend in a fair..your thyroid actualy can be what the problem is..I say that because fibro mimics so much..
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