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bilirubin level and hypothyroidism concerns

Hi need some advice from someone that may know best answer.
I had my daughter on Aug. 11th we left hospital aug14th her bilirubin level was a 8. I had pediatrician appointment thursday o8/18 had her levels checked again didn't get results until 19th that it went up to a 18. Went NXT day for recheck went down to 17. I was told because it seems to be going down to put her in sunlight wih just diaper on 10-15 mins a day. I was told this is normal ? When Sunday the 14th was a 8 then checked on 18th was a 18 level and only went down to 17 NXT day ?? I have been told a level 14 isnt good and babies stay to get treated she should be in hospital ?
Pediatrician said she didn't need to be admitted to hospital
Also she is on med for Congenital hypothyroidism after being tested 3 times by blood work to verify that is what it was was told was high thyroid hyper now last lab showed as hypo. She is on synthroid at mnt until NXT Thursday she gets a scan from Children's then will see endocrine Dr. Assuming her levels of jaundice could be high do to this issue going on?? Idk I feel that nobody really knows what the heck is going on. Mind you when I had her at 37 wks 3 days having low amniotic fluid of a 3 and she was butt down breached she came out having oxygen issues then heart rate kept going up and down. She is 1wk &3 days old now.
pediatrician wants her to wait until Sept. 1st to retest her jaundice levels ?? Don't you think that should be addressed way sooner then two more wks when it has went way HP sense we've left hospital and with the hypothyroidsm being present
Now this wknd how am I too keep her in sun when it's raining and cold today What do you think I should do? Should I be so concerned ??
Idk I'm q first time mother and have been so stressed. Im thinking to take her to Children's tomorrow if not Thursday when we go get her thyroid scan done to have jaundice levels checked and not wait two wks to go to ped for recheck. None of it sounds normal & if she truly has the Congenital hypothyriodsm then maybe that is reason for high bilirubin to have gone up. Idk
She is peeing, making bm's and no fever but does that matter what if it's her liver ? Idk please let me know you're knowledge advice ASAP thank you !
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