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Lithium appetite


Ev I eat (jacket potato n tuna, toast n butter, strawberries n grapes), I mk a mental note to put all on shopping list as nothing has ever tasted soo good. I do love food but have grown fr 9.5stone 6 yrs ago to 11.11stone now. At 5.2ft am worried ab health but cannot curb appetite. Pls help..
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Your post is called Lithium Appetite.... does this mean you are taking Lithium? This medication certainly can contribute to weight gain. There are a number of reason why that might be so:

1) Lithuim can make you more thirsty and if you are drinking soda (which also has a LOT of salt in it as well as sugar and will thus make you even more thirsty), this will contribute to weight gain.

2) Lithium can also contribute to hypothryoidsim, which can lead to weight gain

3) Lithium can contribute to endocrine changes that may have you storing fat whenever you eat sugar.

I also think it increases appetite and a sweet tooth - I have seen this with many peoplel taking psychiatric medications.

If you are a food addict on top of this, then since you are eating sugar in the diet that you have described, this will only make you crave sweet and fatty foods more.

The best solution is to stop eating the potatoes, toast, fruit - in the quantity that you are likely eating them now. You say you 'love' this food, but I wonder if you aren't craving them as if they were a drug... and the best way to deal with that is to stop eating them. Stop the drug, go throught the withdrawal, and then dont pick up again.  

The craving goes away after a few weeks - but it is very hard to resist, esp if you are on meds!

See my website: addictionsunplugged.com for further insight into food addiction.
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