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Both feet have advancing 'quick' under the nail

I am 60 years old and figured this problem was due to age.  But I have not seen it explained anywhere.

When doing the necessary trimming of toe nails I've noticed the 'quick' or flesh under the nail is advancing toward the toe tip.

This makes for a more careful procedure in doing nail trimming.

What caused this and what if anything can be done to stop the advance?  Does it mean that a differnet footcare procedure is necessary.  It doesn't hurt or anything it's just inconvenient and I don't know if the advance continues indefinately.
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Thanks for the response.  Yah,  I had the experience of clipping too close.  It's pretty much all the toes and no history of foot trouble of that nature in my family.  I too thought it was aging.  I did not know if footcare people pushed such flesh back as may happen with a cuticle.

I will use one of my diamond files carefully for this.  Other thing with age is these things get harder to do.

Lastly I've noticed some shape change of the quick under the fingernails as well-- nothing real extreme.   But the same advancing at the tip shape.

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Now, that's unique.  I have never gotten that complaint/or seen that happen.
Does this happen to all the nails?  If so, your body/toes are going through aging changes.  When we age, our skin loses the turgor and everything starts to stretch/sag.
It may be that the nail bed under your toes are doing that.
If this is an isolated incident to a few toes, you may have traumatized the toe and created increase tissue growth of the nail bed.
I suggest filing the nails weekly so you don't have to cut them and risk bleeding.
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