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Questions in the Foot Care (Podiatry) forum are answered by medical professionals and experts. Topics include: Athlete's feet, Bunions, Flat feet, Foreign body, Fractures/foot pain,Fungal infections, Hammertoes, Instability, Morton's Neuroma, Nail fungus, Pediatric curly toes, Pediatric in-toe gait (pigeon toe), Plantar fasciitis/heel pain, Sesamoiditis, Shin splints, Warts.
I have a bunch of foot problems.....when I was almost 13 years old I jumped off a balance beam flat on my feet. I could hardly walk the ...
My mother in law is 76 and a Christian Scientist, so she will not go to a doctor. Her feet are swollen and purple in color, dry and she ...
Hello, I've had this problem for years now on both feet. The meaty areas on the outside edge behind my little toes are killing me. They a...
I kicked a wall 16 days ago with my heel. There is no pain until midday, then swelling by the evening. Elevating the foot reduces the pa...
I had a triple fusion of my right ankle last year. It has been a full year since my surgery. In the last 2 weeks I noticed a bump sticki...
I had surgery for a freibergs infarction over a month ago and I am still in tremendous pain. I am being told continously to elevate my fo...
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