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Lump on side of foot...

Hi, I'm a 29 year old female. About a month ago, I noticed a small cyst or lump on the side of my right foot below my ankle. It feels a little bigger than a pea. I have twisted the ankle a couple of times in a certain pair of flip flops I have. When I push in on the lump, it is kind of firm and feels "boney." I seen a dermatologist about it, but she said it felt "boney" and not of the skin. She felt it was a little small to be a ganglion cyst, but really didn't know what it was. She suggested seeing a PCP or orthopedic doctor. I really don't know what kind of doctor I should start with. I'm hoping it is something benign, but if not, I don't wanna have something biopsied that could be malignant. Any ideas as to what kind of lump this probably is? Where should I start first as far as doctors go? Thanks....
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you need to get an x-ray to see if this is bony in nature.  then, get an mri to get a perspective on what this tissue content may be.  it could be a spur, cyst:ganglion,nerve, fat. or it could be malignant: synovial sarcoma.
a needle aspiration biopsy can help identify this lesion if it is soft tissue in nature.
i would go see a podiatric surgeon or orthopedist.
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You should have it evaluated by and orthopedic doc or a podiatrist. To say you don't want to have something biopsied because it could be malignant is crazy, that is WHY you want to have something biopsied, to make sure it's NOT malignant. If you have just recently noticed it then perhaps it is in the early stages of develpment. Have it looked at, it's probably nothing but if on the other hand it's something serious, you definitely want to catch it in the early stages rather than later when it could be to late.
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What I meant was, yes, I would definitely want it biopsied, but by the right doctor. I would not want to have the thing messed with by someone who didn't know what they were doing. I want to make sure I go to the right doctor first, and maybe get an x-ray first, etc. If it looks suspicious, then get a biopsy.... I didn't mean that I didn't want it biopsied at all.
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By the way, I myself am an LPN, but am not a doctor and can't diagnose myself in this situation. I understand the importance of biopsies.
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Ok, thanks. I have already made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.
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