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Quality Walking Shoe?

Hi there,

I always have had relatively low arched feet. Due to my low arches, I've always purchased footwear with little/no arch support as high arched shoes kill the inner [low] arches of my feet.

Having 4 children and in having gained [too much] weight to boot, I experience a great deal of shin pain while walking. I always have (even when very fit) but just shrugged it off.
As I've grown older and heavier though- it has become worse. This doesn't make for inspiration to get out and walk 'it' off. Which is exactly what I need and want to do.

At any rate, I need a quality walking shoe but I don't know the difference between one shoe and the next. I do have a pair of Sketchers Shape-ups which do nothing as advertised but are comfortable (absorbs shock well.)
I would like a shoe without the "rocking" motion though. Would you recommend a brand and their model of a shoe that would suit my needs?

Given that I live in a remote community (island in Alaska)-I do not have access to a Podiatrist or shoe stores. Any suggestions that you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

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Brooks runnin shoes are great. they add comfort and support.  go to brooksrunning.com and choose a support running shoe.  you will be very happy with them
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Thank you for you reply. I am going to the brooksrunning.com site now. I really appreciate this.

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Update, I just ordered the "Brooks Women's Adrenaline ASR 7" running shoe and am considering in purchasing their "Ariel" shoe at a later time (offering "maximum" support/control) but am first opting for the shoe that is recommended via their, "Shoe Advisor."

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing how these shoes work out for me.
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