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heel spur/shoe inserts?

I am recently having some pain from a heel spur. I already wear a Dr. Scholls gel inset for the entire foot but I wanted to buy a heel insert that is designed for treating heels spurs. My main question is, do you recommend using a full shoe insert plus a heel insert or are they not designed to be used together? My secondary question is, are there are shoe inserts or heel inserts that treat heels spurs that are most recommended? Thanks
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I have no medical background but I had terrible heel pain and found those heel inserts stopped my pain in a few days. I wouldn't have thought you could use more than one at a time and I'd imagine that, if you tried, they'd overlap.
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you can only use one.  my favorite over the counter insert is "superfeet". they are sold at sporting good stores like sports authority, REI/EMS.
doing calf stretches help too.  if they continue to bother you, get a coritsone injection.
from my experience, heel cups don't do the job well.
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