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Chest Pain From GERD?

I am a 26 year old male suffering from Acid Reflux / GERD. I was taking Ranitidine for a few months and that seemed to help at first but it got worse over time and now I'm taking Lansoprazole. It hasn't seemed too effective yet but I just started taking it two weeks ago. I have burps / bloating virtually all day including the morning when I wake up before I even eat or drink anything. I can get the burps simply from drinking water. I sometimes get food come up with the burps and a nasty taste in my mouth, which I presume is stomach acid. From what I've read that is pretty much textbook GERD.

However my concern is not so much with indigestion issues as it is with morning chest pain. Almost every morning I wake up I have chest discomfort / pain in the center of my chest, running where my esophagus should be. However its not a constant pain, it seems to be triggered by movements, and changing positions. Examples: roll over in bed, get in/out of bed, twisting in the shower, etc.  However its more of a quick pain, last a few seconds, up to a few minutes, then subsides. I'm not sure what to make of that because from my understanding GERD pain was more constant. The feeling typically goes away a few hours after waking up. I drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially in the morning. Moving around and drinking water seems to help with it over time. However I'm concerned if GERD is causing my chest discomfort / pain or if its something else? Or is the acid reflux damaging my esophagus and that's why I feel the pain?

I have tried the obvious things I've found on the internet. I've tried sleeping with my head elevated which hasn't seemed to make that much of a difference. I've tried not eating after 7pm which doesn't make it go away, but I have noticed when I eat late at night its usually worse the next morning. In general some mornings its worse than others. I also walk after meals to aid in digestion which leads to a burp-a-thon.

I guess my real questions are.

1. Has anyone else suffered from similar symptoms as me?
2. Is my chest pain/discomfort, especially in the morning more than likely caused by GERD/Acid Reflux?
3. Do I need to worry about esophagus damage given my symptoms?
4. What is the best way to manage GERD if that is indeed the source of my chest pain/discomfort?

Additional Background:

In February 2014, I started taking Lisonopril for high blood pressure. However two weeks later I had was an apparent allergic reaction that landed me in the hospital with heart attack like symptoms: light headed, shortness of breath, chest pain, throat tightness, rapid heart beat. They performed multiple blood tests, chest x-ray, chest CAT scan, heart echo with stress test. They determined my heart was structural normal, healthy, and showed no signs of blockage. I was released from the hospital but with no real answers to the root cause. My doctor took me off Lisonopil the following day. Ever since then I have had some anxiety every time I feel any kind of chest discomfort.
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  Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

May I ask, is the Dr u r referring to a PCP?....With the reflux issues u should see a GI Dr to help u find the right course of action and treatment,.

In addition to meds and not eating late at night...it is more do not lay down for 3 to 4 hrs after eating....u will want to modify ur diet...avoid foods that will trigger these symptoms....and elevate the head of ur bed to help keep the acids down where they belong as they can travel up as far as ur mouth...they can affect ur vocal cords as well as ur esophagus....

Chest pains are typical.....and u had testing on ur heart and know it is ok....also look to ur families medical history to help ur Drs pinpoint what may be ur issue.

Here is a link to the Health Pages where u will find tips on foods that are safe and which ones to avoid as well as lifestyle tips.

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The chest pain you experience is called "spasm". I think you are lying downs with your back when you sleep that is why when you wake up in the morning you always had chest pain. Have you tried sleeping with your left until the time you wake up in the morning? Let me know if there are any changes after you sleep with your left.
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I have similar symptoms based on your description and I've been suffering for almost 3 years now but this year I noticed that it's getting worse so I've visited a doctor and chest pain is one cause of acid reflux. The Dr prescribed an omeprrazole 40mg medicine for 14 days, after taking all that med, It seems like there's nothing happened.
By the way, the Doc advices me to stop drinking coffee, any alcoholic drinks, soda, quit smoking if you're smoking, avoid spicy foods, citrus, and do not skip meal
Right now, i'm not taking any medicine but I'm following the advices and  I'm drinking fresh ginger in hot water and it relieves my symptoms not 100% though but I feel better and my burping lessen
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I have chest pressure or heaviness in the middle upper part of my chest, just like where heartburn would be but without the heartburn.  Done all Cardio and Pulmo test coming out with flying colors. ( I mean extremely well) I also had done so far 4 endoscopies looking for an answer and all I have is mild Reflux and mild gastritis. Just a week ago I had a basic laryngoscopy done at my ENT office by recommendation of my GI because I also have hoarseness and they found mild acid on the back of my throat and vocals.  Recommendation to take Lansoprazole 40dr but I can't start until I do a blow test to see if I have H-pylori which I already had checked sometime ago but they are checking again just in case. I have taken Omeprazole 40dr twice daily and Raniditine 300 at night and it did nothing for me.   What makes my symptoms so different and weird is that I don't have heartburn at all, the pressure on my chest goes away when I lay back ( on any side of flat) , I have no bad taste in my mouth but I get this pressure just by standing up doing nothing and it gets worse if I try to eat sitting on a vertical position and can't even breath so I have to eat on my sofa so I'm slightly laying back.   Is not getting any better and I had this for a year or so. Before that I was diagnosed with GAD (actually health anxiety) and I have been taking medication for that ( low dose) and is under control.  My Psychiatrist said he is just waiting to see whats wrong with my chest to take me out of the medication.    
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I forgot to mention- This pressure/heaviness is present all the time I'm standing or doing anything else besides laying back. So I feel it around 16 hours a day and my breathing is hard as well specially when I eat. I also have bloating frequently even by drinking water but not so much as when I eat.
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