GERD (Acid Reflux) Community

Welcome to our Gerd Community! If you are here it's because you, a family member, or loved one suffers from GERd. It could also be be...
I have digestive issues best categorized as IBS-C. I have a Gastro and have done recent colonoscopy and endoscopy. I have acid reflux...
For 10 years on and off I have had a granuloma on the larynx. Symptoms include tightness in the voice box, stabbing pain on speaking, an...
Hi, I am 53 and have had on/off GERD symptoms- sometimes severe- for about 17 years. About 2 years ago I had an endoscopy done and was ...
I have LPR, also known as Silent Reflux. After several months of vastly restricted low acid diet, drinking alkaline water, and a daily s...
How are you managing this diagnosis. PPIs, diet, Seems a bit confusing to me.
I was diagnosed with GERD almost one year ago and have all the usual symptoms but I also have other things when GERD flares up. My whole...
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