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Chronic Dysentery & Acidity problem .Help Please


I am 25 now ,Male..Weight 48 KG,hight 5.6 (Too low I know but no change in 10 years I guess) (I don't smoke & don't take alcohol) I have been suffering from quite a long time now, almost 8 to 9 years. At first I used to had sudden dysentery of only once in a week & used to  have some mucus with that but after only one time It would get better for another 10 to 15 days.

I used to suffer mild Rheumatic fever.

Now I don't have any rheumatic fever signs but I am suffering from Acidity problem a lot & tummy trouble. doctor asked for stool test ,so had stool R/E test but nothing found because now there is no mucus..Test was totally clean ,no blood, no sign of anything bad,color is OK. I had blood test & thyroid test & everything is very fine. No pain in my tummy. I have sour & pungent belching & do some farting(Quite a often)

I have other problems too like Chronic cold, Nasal polyps like substances blocking my nose..Interesting thing is It changes from one side to another LOL but too disturbing & harmful because I get cold even in very hot situation ,If I am exposed to cold air like of Air Condition or Rain drops on my head then I am gone that day & will have runny nose for the next 7 days & cough.

For last two years I am having very very very bad acidity problem & With it dysentery & sometimes diarrhea (If I eat food like Milk, Beef & any kinds of Meat, Eggs) 1.5 years was acidity & diarrhea but previous 6 months is very bad for me because last 6 months there are some irritations in my Anus ..very irritating..When my tummy & stool is good then there are no irritations but when I eat rich foods I get very itchy  You know.

I went to doctors quite a lot of time but they told me you have no problem(They told me don't eat that don't eat those) & one doctor gave me some antibiotics but that didn't work.

So, I do my work doctory ..When I feel very bad & have that itchy problem I take metronidazole & It helps me in two days but after taking two days It makes my tong very bitter & I don't take them that time & when I get sick later I take them for two or three days.

Any suggestions for me from Expert ?  Please
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Have you ever been checked for h pylori. It took 3 doctors to get the right diagnoses. Now I do watch what I eat but take probiotics and fiber to help things go smoothly with my digestive track. There are herbal remedies that will heal and sooth that problem.
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Thanks for the reply.

No I didn't check for the H.Pylori Yet.  I guess I have to check of that.
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