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Does anybody know what the med Zegrid is? Is it like Zantac or more like Prevacid?

I've heard the medicine name but not sure what it does and if any better/worse than others out there that are prescription drugs?  And, anybody know if FDA approved for what age?


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Hey Cheryl,

Zegerid is a PPI. It actually has the same active ingredient as Prilosec, but without the dairy and has sodium bicarb as a buffer. It is approved for Pediatric use, but I can't find the exact ages.

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**ooops*  I spelled it wrong!  No wonder why I came up blank on searches LOL!  Thanks for the input .....I like the idea of the sodium bicarb .. that is an old-fashioned remedy by Dad drank by the gallon it seems as I recall as he suffered from GERD but nobody had a diagnosis back then other than "indigestion".  So all these yrs. later we know that the GI stuffs come from my side of the family and the allergies, too!

Back then, they said I had bronchitis all the time; looking back it was childhood asthma from milk intolerance most likely ... we'll never know but today we know so so much more!

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I've heard that Zegerid doesn't have to be timed 30 minutes before food like Prevacid has to.  I remember having so much trouble giving it to DD b/c she'd scream wanting to eat and I had to wait 30 minutes :(  
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Zegrid is the equivalent to Nexium. Our GI wanted to give me samples of it for Jenna since my copay went up to 100 for the Protonix and I asked him what it compared to and that is what he told me, needless to say we did not change meds since the Protonix was working fine, I didnt want to risk changing meds.
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