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Extreme pressure in upper abdomen

I am trying to figure out what is going on with me.  I feel like my body is not digesting food.  No matter what I eat or if I don't eat at all, I have this pain righ below my breast bone that radiates down and around my upper abdomen.  Most times after I eat, I have extreme pressure and fullness, and I'm not eating alot at any given time.  I am constipated, but have been my whole life.  I am also on zoloft, for just over a year and trivora birth control.  My dr told me to take prevacid, had an ultrasound on my stomach, gall bladder and came back normal.  Had Hyda scan which showed 31% on gall bladder and satisfactory levels of my liver functioning. Surgeon says my symptoms do not match with gall bladder disease.  Sometimes after I eat, I feel like my blood pressure drops way low.  May sound weird, but if I rock back and forth in rocking chair I can hear swishing of fluids righ below my breast bone.  What can I have done to check for what this problem may be?

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I have had similar problems for over two years and nobody can tell me what is causing the problem. I have had all kinds of tests and my docs have ruled everything out. They tell me it is probably related to gastric reflux and that I have to live with it. I do not believe it is related. My Family Doctor told me he believes it is related to my gallbladder, even though all the tests have come back normal. He advised it can take years for the gallbladder to finally test bad, even though it is bad. I think they are missing something. I am still having extreme pressure and a feelling of fullness in my upper abdomen area. I also get a sharp pain that radiates from the center of my stomach to the center of my chest and over to the right side of my chest. They tell me they can not figure out what is causing it. I keep hoping I can figure it out because the problem controls a lot of what I do during the day. Hope you find an answer to your problem. If I ever figure out my problem I will let you know.
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Omg people! I have the same Issues and I had a endoscopy done a little under a year ago and was diagnosed with barrett's esophagus and gastritis with acid reflux and gerd. I was taking prilosec for a year and it didn't seem to help so I stopped taking it.
Then after my scope I went on aciphex which helped for a short time and now doesn't help much either. I want to have another scope but I'm afraid
That it could cause problems or make me worse as I swear I got worse after my last scope. Until have the constant everyday pain on my upper stomach between my ribs undery breast bone and I feel nausreated all thR time. I have difficulty swallowing food Alot and It always feels like
Full when I've hardly eaten. I also get
That sloshing of liquids back and forth when I move from side to side too.
The only way i can describe my feelings is that it feels like there is no protective lining in my stomach so I feel everything that goes onto it like cold liquids, etc,... This *****!
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you probably have or had peptic ulcers. I had all the same problems and found out to have 3 peptic ulcers that were 1 inch big. Hope you found relief.
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