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GERD medication question

Hi! I was diagnosed with GERD about a month ago as evidenced by an Upper GI. I have never had any symptoms of GERD, such as hearburn, etc. My doctor said there is no need to put me on medication because there are no symptoms to treat for me and prolonged use of PPI's may have consequences. She said just to take 2 Tums before bed time since the acid can erode my esophagus and rises more when you are lying down.

I am nervous that it is going to do damage? Would something like Prilosec daily be a bad idea?
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I would highly recommend that you take the Prilosec or Zantac.  I would recommend the one that is ranitidine (generic is fine) as it works best when taken at bedtime.  

There is a form of reflux called Laryngea-pharyngea reflux that has no symptoms.  The upper GI showed that damage has been done to your esophagus, therefore it is my oppinion (non-professional) that this needs to be treated.  

Feel better.
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Hi....I agree u might have Silent Reflux...it does not usually present with heartburn, however it does have symptoms.
Here is a list from our Health Pages here on MedHelp.
Symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux are:

Continual throat clearing
Chronic throat irritation
Chronic cough
Excessive phlegm the throat
Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
Constant sensation of something in the throat
Swallowed food comes back up
Post nasal drainage
Weak voice
Cracking voice
Blockage of the breathing passage
Spasm of the larynx (voice box)
This condition is a result of both UES and LES not working correctly.
And it is possible not to have typical gerd/acid reflux  symptoms.

Elevating  the head of ur bed may be more helpful in keeping the acids down where they belong....taking GERD meds can lead to issues and diet modification and lifestyle changes may better suit ur situation....Was this dr a GI dr?.....

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