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I don't know what all of these symptoms are. Help?

This is going to be long, so I apologize in advance.

A little background first: I'm a 20 year old female. I have asthma. I've been diagnosed with severe General Anxiety Disorder and a mood disorder. I am on 10mg of Prozac, 100mg of Lamictal and 0.5mg of Klonopin daily. I'm also now on 40mg of Nexium daily.

About two months ago I started feeling nauseous all the time. I pretty much always felt like I was going to throw up, especially after I ate. I felt full very easily. I have a bit of a dry cough (for what I thought was no reason). I also had occasional heartburn. I went to the doctor because I was fed up with being sick. He pushed on my stomach once and told me I had acid reflux because it was uncomfortable where he pushed. He prescribed me 40mg of Nexium every morning. I started taking it and went back a month later. It had helped very little, but I heard it took a long tome for Nexium to work, so I still had hope. He gave me 4mg of Zofran as needed. It's a dissolvable tablet. The Nexium has helped immensely. I can eat again and only feel the nausea on and off, a few times a week. I still have a lump in my throat a lot of times. When I burp, sometimes my food comes up in the back of my throat. I was constipated for a few days, and finally went the other day after much trying. I have gone twice since then and there's been blood both times. A good amount. It doesn't hurt. I've heard this could be internal hemorroides, as they cause a lot of bleeding and not much pain. It's really gross.

Anyway, now I'm having some other odd symptoms and I'm not sure what they're symptoms of. I am always warm. Always. Usually uncomfortably warm and sweating. This just started within the last two months of these other sudden symptoms. A lot of times my face gets really red and warm. Even more often, just the right side of my face gets really red and warm. Lately, I've just been suddenly getting really warm. A lot of times just on the right side. But then my whole body suddenly gets warm. I've heard this is what hot flashes are like, but I'm only 20. I'm a little young to be getting hot flashes. I went back to the doctor earlier this month and he did blood tests. He never called with the results, so I'm assuming everything is okay. I go back to him June first. He kind of seems at a loss. I've lost 15 pounds in the last two months. This could be because I completely cut pop and fast food from my diet. And in those first few weeks, I wasn't eating much. Part of it could be because I recently started Prozac, and that makes you lose weight sometimes. Last time I was on it, I did.

Anyway, I'm so frustrated. I feel like there's something wrong with me, but no one can figure out what. My last few blood tests have been absolutely normal. It's annoying when I'm sitting in a room and I have to have a fan on because I'm so warm, even though everyone else is freezing. Sleep gets uncomfortable because I get warm so easy. It takes forever for me to actually cool down.

As a side note: All of these symptoms started before I was on Prozac and Nexium. I've been on Lamictal and Klonopin for over two years and I know it's not side effects from those.

I have no idea what's going on.
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Hi...I understand ur frustration...I am not sure about the warmth u r having being related to the GERD issues u have.

Have u been tested for a thyroid issue?

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A few times. My doctor just did a blood test again and unless he calls me, nothing seems too abnormal. He did thyroid among other things. I'm not sure what all else.
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Do ask u dr what u were tested for and which tests were done....for thyroid if a basic TSH is done and u have an autoimmune issue it could appear normal...so do ask if they did the free T3 and Free T4 and TPO antibodies along with the TSH.

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Maybe you should consider going to see a chinese herbalist? I use a combination of western and chinese medicine and usually I find that when western doctors are stumped, there is usually an effective treatment in chinese medicine. I don't know a great deal about it, but the basic theory I know if that it is about balancing heat and cold within your body. Some people are charaterised as 'heaty' people (like me, and by the sounds of it you are too). So you need to eat 'cooling' foods to balance this out. There are also some very good teas you can get.
Certain foods can be characterised as 'heaty', and these will make your condition worse. I'm sure all the drugs you are on fall in to this catorgory, and so you need to take cooling foods and herbs to balance it out.
NOTE: 'Heaty' does not neccesarily mean hot, and 'cooling' does not neccesarily mean ice cream. (ice cream is actually a heaty food). These labels describe the balance of the food, not the temperature. You need to do further research to work out what foods fall in what catorgory.
Take the time to seek out a proper herbalist, because there are so many quacks out there. The sign of a good herbalist is that they should ask you about all aspects of your life, lifestyle, and diet, as well as examining you physically. A good herbalist takes a whollistic approach, and treat each case as an individual (because everyone's body works differently, so different medicines are needed for different bodies). If they are thorough in their examination of you (both physical and mental), this is a good indication they are treating you as an individual, instead of just throwing a bunch of herbs at you that worked for some other guy.

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