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I'll be #1 to post! ...WOW this is a great community MedHelp has added .... anybody out there dealing with reflux?

I have experience with reflux ... 2 of my children have/had it ... this Community will certainly be a great place for us to help each other out as we share ideas, give advice and gain knoweldge, etc. Looking forward to seeing some others who are dealing with this too.

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Hi, I'm Jennifer and I have 4 boys that were born with reflux!  So far only ds #2 (9.5 y/o) has outgrown it.  

Ds #1 (10.5 y/o) takes prevacid 2x a day.  Ds #3 (6.5 y/o) takes it once a day but is about to be referred back to the gastro for stomach pain and constipation. He's also on Miralax 2xd.  Ds #4 (4y/o) takes zantac.

It's been a while since I've belonged to a reflux community board!  This will be nice to get to know others dealing with this and to find out better ways of helping our kiddos!
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Hello, I just found out the medhelp added this wonderful forum but it seems that there aren't many of us :(  I have a DD who's 18 months.  We recently took her off Prevacid and now I'm dealing with reflux with my newborn son.  I cannot stand the fact that he has it.  We went through hell and back with DD and before she was put on Prevacid, we went through lots of sleepless nights (she would scream bloody murder from 7 pm to 4 am EVERY NIGHT!).  I hope we'll get more people to join and help them with our experience.  I also belong to infantreflux.org.  It's also a great forum for moms like us.  
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Hi Cheryl. Thanks for the email. I have a 9 year old (12/15/98) who has been dealing with reflux since birth. Recently we have had to switch from Prevacid to Prilosec OTC. Our insurance will only cover 20% od the Prevacid but 100% of the Prilosec.
Gary also has asthma, allergies, low tone, & Asperger's Syndrome. We have frequent flier miles at the ped and the ER. Two weeks ago it was Bronchitis, then coxsackievirus which he probably picked up in the doctor's office, then I finally let him out for a play date and later that evening he was vomiting and had diahrrea.

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Hello Karen!!!

Thanks for joining this great Community!  That's right.. our son's share like-birthdays  .. but, can you believe my oldest is driving on full license now?  Ahhh 17 yrs old.. she is the one who is severely latex, nut, plum allergic w/ severe env. allergies, too.

I am sorry GW is still dealing with such medical issues ... my oldest had her gallbladder removed in January .. it was causing awful acid reflux and now that it is gone not one dose of Prevacid ..long story with great ending after 8days at Medical Center  ..

Otherwise my 15yr old still gets reflux now and again but asthma is 90% better since using Prevacid which has controlled her asthma micro-aspiration and vocal cord nodules fully GONE since Prevacid  ... my 10yr old gets it with illness and now possible food allergies which we are looking into!

Allergies, reflux, GERD, health issues .. so much ... so much ...inc. school issues, too!

Having you on the community will bring such a wealth of knowledge my friend~

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It's nice to see some familiar names.  Thanks for the e-mail Cheryl.
I have a DD who had reflux as baby (dx'ed as colic but took levsin which really helped the screaming)she outgrew it by 1 1/2 or so.
Max is now 6 (can you believe that?)  He is still dealing with some reflux- around 4 1/2 he went off reflux meds on a reg.long term basis (but ahd some periods where he took it for 6 weeks or so).  Recently, though he went back to the GI b/c once again we were dealing with ear infections and coughing and gagging at night.  He sounded like he had stuff in his throat (bothered mommy when she listened to him read).  The last straw was when he started wheezing and having respiratory issues along with the ear infections (big reflux signs with him).  He's been on protonix and cispride for about a month and a half. (our ped GI is in Tijuana and cisapride is still very common over there).   He's doesn't cough or do the reflux swallowing thing at night anymore and has been well the whole time.  After 3 mos on the meds the GI wants to see him again and probably do an endo.  He's mentioned a fundo too but unless they find something-I'd like to avoid that.

We also have a new baby-Erick Alexander-03/05/08-who we are still figuring out.  I'm BF  but the ped and I thought he could be MPI (milk protein intolerant) so I'm dairy free-soy too for now.  Reflux wise-he doesn't spit up much (just started a bit) but he acts like he's choking on reflux, Thursday he scared us a bit b/c he had trouble breathing b/c of it until we suctioned things out.  When he does reflux he gets milk out of his nose too, so we probably need to see what the GI thinks.  I'm starting to think a trial of a PPI wouldn't be a bad idea.
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I am so glad you were able to come to this Community ..It is going to be a wonderful place and with all your experience (new and old) it is going to be great!

CONGRATS on your new addition!  WOW!!!!  

The milk out of the nose is reason for concern I agree .. especially so young you don't want any kind of reflux aspiration to occur or even have any kind of microaspiration .. we found that out with my 15yr old .. she was micro-aspirating for years w/o a diagnosis and now is doing so much better in the asthma dept!

Remember the allergy connection and if cutting out milk doesn't do the trick remember the other big culprits can be soy, corn, eggs ........ I hope you find an answer soon and that he doesn't go into reflux as badly as Max and others in the community now or those we will meet!

I remember my son would get alot of mucous buildup from the allergin ... that coupled with the reflux would cause him to choke/gag ...

Does one of your son have bad reactions to bug bites do I recall?  Correct me if I'm wrong on that  .. . many yrs ago a bug bite?  My one daughter is bee allergic and nasty reactions to mosquitos and spiders!

One last ? .. how is your pediatrician doing on the "acceptance" of you going to Mexico?  I recall that has been an issue for you in the past as you live in the States?

Well .. enough on this end .... it is great to see you again ....Just last month I was in Cancun, MX for first time to MX and I was thinking of you and here you are :)

CONGRATS on your newbie ............ahhhhhh ..... sending NO REFLUX {{{{{ vibes }}}}} your way!

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I, too, have multiple children who have had reflux issues .... I know at one time there was a possible link genetically when it appeared in families but I wonder if more research has taken place really proving that link or not ?  

So sorry your baby has it, too ........

Maybe since you have some experience things won't be as hard in that you'll instictually know what to do to take measures to help calm things down ..... and know what and how to talk/deal with your Dr. from the beginning w/o being "brushed off" as over-reacting, etc.

It affects the entire family unit .. the constant crying, not sleeping, I know ..I've BTDT and I vividly recall my son sleeping in a semi-reclined position next to my bed and waking ev. 1/2 hr and screaming out in pain .. Mylanta did nothing. Prevacid did nothing.  It was so hard ..I feel for you .

Before you know it this Community will be filled with mom's like yourself, like me, and like those who are already joining .. it is brand new addition to MedHelp  ... help spread the word ... that is the best way we can get up and running!!!  That is what I've been doing.

I'm sure we'll be seeing ea. other around here ..

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Hey Cheryl!

Thanks for the e-mail inviting me to join this board.

Both my girls had reflux as infants, and now that we are expecting girl #3, of course I'm worried that she will have it too. At least I know what to do now, having gone through it twice. Unfortunately our older daughter was never diagnosed, but that was back before doctors knew about reflux, so she (and we) just suffered through it. Both my girls also had a dairy intolerance which made their reflux worse.

I'm crossing my fingers that this baby will be reflux-free, but I can't imagine being that lucky!

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Hi and welcome to you all!!

mom to
Noah, Matthew, Jacob & Nathan
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WELCOME to the Community and ...

Thank you for your very informative replies to some questions regarding reflux and meds!  I am really pleased you have joined this Community...you, along with all those who have joined already, will make such a a difference in helping those who seek support.  There is so much knowledge we all possess .. this is the place to help others in need of support as we build this community post by post!

When is your baby due?  I have 3 girls ... plus my son who was the Reflux King!  

I am sending you [[[[[ no reflux vibes ]]]]]]]]] for Baby #3. As you mentioned, at least you are well-prepared having gone through it more than once--I'm sure you'll be on ready-alert for possible allergy/reflux connections very early on!

WELCOME to this Community .... it is exciting to see you here!

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Thanks Cheryl!

The baby is due in 2 months exactly from today! It's funny how I watch for the littlest signs that this one could have reflux as well. I remember with my younger daughter (she has severe reflux) she would hiccup a TON in the womb, round the clock, and would keep me up at night. This baby doesn't do that. She does it once in a while but not like my youngest daughter did. She started refluxing day 1 in the hospital, so I'll definitely be watching for reflux in this one!

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Son 11 years just diagnosed with acid reflex, Don't even know where to start, vomits some mornings up to 3-7 times just from eating before school and he may get sick there after he eats other meals. Started a list of no foods. Been told no dairy, fruit juice, sugar. What's left to eat?
Started medication to help control.
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