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Lump in the throat

Hi. I have had a long standing problem with a feeling that I have a limp in my throat - chocking sensation, like when you are holding back crying. I have always assumed it was anxiety/stress and have been prescribed xanax for when it is really bad. I also have had a hiatal hernia for many years and take nexium. Is the hernia and acid relux possibly a cause for this 'lump in the throat' feeling? What can be done besides taking an addictive med like xanax? Thanks for any advice!
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

The feeling u described can be from an autoimmune thyroid problem as well....do have ur thyroid US...to see if u have the nodules.

Acid reflux can also add to these feelings.....but the thyroid issues can give the anxiety feelings as well.....

Please see an ENDO and get a full work up and let us know how u make out

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For the longest time, I had a symptom of something stuck in my throat, along with severe irritation and pain at the base of my throat under the adams apple.  I was checked for thyroid disease and diagnosed by one doc,with globus hysterias, which is anxiety, causing a feeling of a lump in your throat. After cat scans which showed nothing and other tests, I finally went to a gastroenterologist.  I have since had quite a few endoscopies and been diagnosed with GERD and Barretts Esophagus. What they discovered, during my 1st endoscopy, was that I had an 'Inlet Patch' in the area that hurt. An inlet patch is part of your stomach lining that is growing in your esophagus. At that time, they said I was probably born with it, and it should not be causing the pain I was feeling. I had no problem with any symptoms until I was middle aged and suddenly had severe symptoms, probably brought on by reflux. They said the patch should not turn malignant, however there is now information on the internet, under inlet patch, with new studies done, which may contradict that. I have to take Nexium every day or the reflux when it hits that area is way too painful. I've been taking Nexium ever since it first came out and after years of endoscoptic checkups, I still have Barretts. Also, even though a small percentage of patients are diagnosed with an inlet patch, my gastroenterologist said a lot of docs will miss seeing that in the endo exam unless they are looking for it, and quite a few people will go undiagnosed.
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Thank you for your comments. It does seem to get worse when I am under stress. I have noticed when I eat it tends to away. I am having a colonoscopy in the summer since I just turned 50 so I plan to discuss it with the doctor then. Will also talk to an ENDO - thanks Selma.
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your lump in the throat  is probably harmless "globus pharyngeus", in other words, your cricopaharyngeal muscle in your throat is just too tight. Two major reasons for this  are reflux and increased stress (and why not both!).    

More information e.g. homepage.mac.com/changcy/globus.htm.
Most voice and swallowing centers tell something about this as it is such a classical symptom of laryngopharyngeal reflux.  

Personally, I exercise that area ( or near)  almost every day -
simple voice and  tongue exercises, head/shoulder massage etc.
Worth trying but you need a professional (e.g. speech therapist) to show you the right techniques! Together with Nexium 40 mg these have really helped me. Maddie  
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Sorry about the mistake -  the right name of the muscle is
cricopharyngeal muscle ....
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