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What is this strange heartburn sensation in back.

Hi all.
I have been very confused for nearly a year and half now with this burning sensation I get in ma back like a heart burn type feeling under my right shoulder blade around the gallbladder area, Every time I eat chocolate or something sweet or sometimes anything if on an empty stomach I start feeling this sparky burning sensation deep in this area...

It all started Last year I hadn't had alcohol in a few years and started drinking again last summer then tended to binge drink, drinking craft beers every weekend for some months, this is when I first started to notice this sensation in mornings as I ate breakfast. I went to the doctor who imedietly suggested it could be an ulcer and prescribed me 30mg Lansoprazole, which I took for and immediately this sensation vanished no matter what I ate. A few months later I stopped the lansoprazole as they were making me feel unwell, and low and behold this sensation came back within a week or 2 I then went back to the doctors and was put on more PPI's again solving the problem, and again making e feel unwell I was then reduced to 15mg a day up until a few weeks ago where I simply had to stop the Lansoprazole as I had constant bloating and nausea, and YET AGAIN this burning sensation is now coming back....
   It is not unbearable, just scary and creating a big degree of paranoia and anxiety it also interferes wit my diet as Im scared what to eat..
   I should also mension I had suspicion reading about gallbladder and liver being in this area so I mensioned to the doctor last year who took a liver blood test which came back fine, and a stool test for H Pylori which came back clear, reading about gallbladder pain I thought was unlikely as it isn't a strong pain and doesn't come after eating but during, also as mentioned it cleared up with PPIs

I really done want to Continue PPI's as they make me feel horrible also the fact it seem research has never been done on people taking them longer than 12 month.

So my big question is "can acid reflux which my latest doctor still insists this is, be felt in this area only, without any pain in the front torso anywhere or little to no heartburn?? and if unlikely what else could cause this weird sensation.

an appreciate if anybody could ease my already anxiety full mind
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im suffering with heartburn almost everyday...pain in my upper left back, left arms, chest pain,, weakness in leg and arms.. hard to breathe,, name the symptoms and i have it...  and to tell you honestly id been dependent in med before because it makes me feel good but i had to stop it because im taking it more than i should and my doctor told me so... and i also had anxiety for years but GERD is a new thing to me...  and im really having a hard time dealing with it up to now
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