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acid reflux and anxiety

I will make this as short as possible. first off I am a hypochondriac, and often googling symptoms. My recent problem started about one month ago with a runny nose and ear ache. I then noticed a lump feeling in my throat. I went to my gastroenterologist who said it may be a spasm, BUT he didnt stop there and mentioned that we should do a barrium swallow to rule out cancer. I got the barrium swallow and it was normal.. It didnt show acid reflux or the small hiatal hernia that a previous endoscopy had shown. Fine, I changed my diet anyway and plan on getting an endoscopy in January when my new insurance kicks in.
Meanwhile--I noticed that my nose was becoming very dry and bleeding and I freaked out when I started coughing up a little bit of blood in mucus. So i went to my primary dr who did a chest xray and i was told i had pneumonia. Very mild however. not sick. mild cough, no fever. lungs sounded good, oxygen level good. but she put me on a week of antibiotics. I got a second chest xray and it was clear. But i am experiencing that same lump feeling all over again. and chest congestion with anxiety. I read that acid reflux could cause aspirated pnemonia and now I am wondering if I will continuously have to worry about getting pnemonia, my anxiety is out of control. and making everything worse. I changed my sleeping position, and trying to change my diet. My fears of nexium causing pneumonia as well as keeping me from taking it. I really really wish that i didnt read about aspirated pneumonia. I cant seem to relax my stomach. Will I have to keep getting chest xrays? how safe is that. I would appreciate any feedback whatsoever. thanks
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So, what do you do to treat the anxiety?  You visit doctors frequently and are treated for things so treating the anxiety as a disease/condition would be really important for you.  Don't give into it and just worry all the time.  

Lifestyle helps with gerd and anxiety.  Lose a bit of weight if you need to, exercise frequently, modify your diet.  These things will help.  

If you feel you have pneumonia again, that is easy to diagnose with an x ray.  And if you do, you can then speak about what type it is and get a plan.  But don't assume.  Anxiety makes you assume.  Treat the anxiety!  good luck
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