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hello... question i like to ask is does reflux cause more saliva production? couple days i got bad  lump in my throat had trouble swallowing , also had bad burning sensation in my chest and in my mouth which must of been the acid coming up from stomach .. then couple day later my saliva was incresed i kept spitting which felt like i was choking cause it was running in to my lungs
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I think I've heard that it can cause excess saliva production. Maybe see your dr if you are concerned and stay upright when sleeping if that helps. Sorry I don't know more to help you
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thanks anyway...
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Yes, it can. Increased salivation is a common symptom of GERD: the body produces more saliva to counteract the increased acid production, since saliva is the body's natural antacid (very effective, too).
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got lump in my throat everytime i swallow that gerd to?
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It can be, yes. (I've felt the same, always on the right side for some reason.) Once the GERD is under control that goes away. Takes a while though.
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I think so, I also have been recently having acid reflux and have ignored it. Thinking it was anxiety. But my saliva has not only been increased but "slimey" and thick. Are you taking an antacid?
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yes docter gave me 4 days ago lansoprazole... still gettin lump in my throat after i eat and trouble swallowing and docter noticed i got devatated septum which cause postnasal drip lol feel like i am walking wound .. got baruim meal test tomoro
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How to get gerd feeling under control.  Bubbly salvia on tongue.  Feel like always have to swallow and spit
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