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Can I fixed my gallbladder with medicine or a diet, without surgery?

Hello, so I took a HIDA scan to check my gallbladder since I been dealing with bloating and it says I have a small functional gallbladder disorder. I don't have gallstones but it says my gallbladder ejection fraction is 11 and normal is supposed to be 40. I don't see my doctor in a week but I'm so curious and wondered if there is medication for this or if I can go on a healthy diet since I don't want it to be removed especially if I don't have gallstones. Also, I've been bloating really bad for a year but I started to change my diet in a month and my bloating is not as bad as it use to be. And I haven't had any other stomach issues as well. I was thinking of just telling my doctor if maybe I can just go on a healthy diet for a year, avoid fats and gressy food and check my gallbladder again next year to see if it got better.
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