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Acid reflux and nausea, no pain

I'm not a very heavy drinker- I just drink socially. I never drink liquor, and mainly stick to light beer. Almost 2 months ago, after a particularly boozy bachelorette party, I started having severe acid reflux and regurgitation, as well as nausea and diarrhea. My doctor ran blood tests, and my pancreatic enzymes were slightly elevated (I can remember one was at 108.)
My nausea was mild, but the reflux was severe. I felt like something was stuck in my throat, and I would cough up I digested food hours after I had eaten it. I had no stomach pain, or any pain at all. I didn't drink alcohol for a month and most of the symptoms subsided, but the feeling of having something stuck in my throat came back.
I had a few beers this weekend- nothing crazy- and now my symptoms are all back.
Is this chronic pancreatitis or is something else wrong? What tests should or can I have to figure this out?
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are you on any meds for acid reflux? nexium or prilosec? The lump in your throat is the from your stomach acid splashing (and burning) the bottom of your esophagus.
Get on some acid reflux meds for a month. Also, stay away from foods and drinks that fuel acid reflux. No alcohol, coffee, tea, tomato, dairy, garlic, onions, other acidic things. This should help. Your stomach needs time to heal. So you need to eat and drink things that are easy to digest as to not agitate it
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