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Gastrointestinal Issues: I’m 41 at the time, 42, as of yesterday. Hi, I have asked many questions and thought most of my questions w...
I have had watery diarrhea for 22 months on a daily basis, especially after eating anything, but it can happen anytime. I cannot control ...
Is anyone else having gastrointestinal problems that did not appear until after the Covid 19 vaccines? I first developed problems about 9...
For about 9 months I suffered with abnormally large stool, bleeding, constipation, and anal fissures . Just a month ago I went to the doc...
The past month I've had terrible stinging when i have a bowel movement. The stinging pain occurs about 1/2 of an inch up inside the anal ...
Hi I am a patient at a methadone maintenance clinic. For the last several months I have been having the sulphur/egg burps along with v...
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