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In 1994, I lost control of my bowels, in bed, and pooped myself. And, it has been continuing again and I would like to know what I can do...
I have the exact same problem as the previous poster that sam2004 posted. I'm 36 years old and have recently (within the last year) have...
Hi, About a year or so ago I had an episode of foul smelling/tasting burps that led to an episode of severe upper abdominal pain. Lik...
Hi, I have had a Hida scan that showed my ejection rate at 16%. I have a prescription for levsin which helps quite a bit. I am wonderi...
I have had a constant dull upper and mid right quadrant pain for the last 5 months. The pain is more of an annoyance and sometimes hurts ...
I usually have to go, Diarhhea, an oily substance, like water, usually 3m -5 times when it hits me and there is no time to waste, I have ...
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