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heya! first I got to say that I dont have this anymore but I would like to know what was hapening back then. and maybe if someone else ha...
I'm a 42 year old guy, dealing with globus sensation for something like six months. The past 3 of them, taking omeprazole. Which is som...
in March I contrated Giardia whilst hiking in Nepal. I took antibiotics and it went away, however I have had various issues since: Lacto...
I have suffered from acid reflux issues in the past, but three weeks ago I started having multiple symptoms like terrible anxiety, upper ...
I started experiencing the pain when doing side on stomach crunches. It feels like there is something hooking on to my left lower rib cag...
Last night right around midnight I got a concentrated pain in my center upper abdomen. It was dull and almost felt like a cramp. I slept ...
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