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I hadn't had a BM in 2 days, so I made a senna tea beverage which always worked overnight before. All it did was give me sharp pains in m...
Need help with my 4 year old he is having stomach spasms since he fell off a swing. We have had numerous testing done eeg, X-ray, ultras...
i had a colonoscopy the other day. the dr went around the first 'bend', but couldn't push thru any further. he said that he didn't want t...
So for a year I’ve had frequent urination pretty much everyday, and today just now, when sitting on the toilet I look down to the toilet ...
can exercise and daily went to gym can prevent gallbladder polyps from growing?i have a polyp range of 4mm..do i need to remove my gall b...
My husband keep getting the stomach pain and yesterday we did a gallstone scan.. they told that he has a polyp in the gallbladder and t...
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