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Are there online support groups for people with digestive disorders???

I've been sick for a little over two years now and my GI still doesn't know whats going on.  I don't really have any new questions to ask here, no one seems to have any answers... but I kindda feel like people (of which I've only met a hand full of)... I don't know should be able to talk about it and ways they've learned to cope and things they do to help ease the suffering part.... Any one know????  
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I don't know of any online support groups but I have some other ideas.  First off, I would recommend seeing a therapist.  Being able to talk about what is going on is more helpful then you would think.  Also an antidepressant might help with some of the depression you are feeling.  Also, there are still things out there to try.  I know that I have given you a couple of ideas, so I don't think it's true that "no one seems to have any answers."  I'd be happy to mention those again if you'd like.
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I AM seeing a therapist, I'm on my second one ( My first one had to go into the hospital for colon cancer, then didnt take my insurance anymore.)... they don't seem to be very helpful.  Also with the new one I'm seeing you have to be put on a 2 month wait list before they decided weather or not they should put you on anti-depressents.  I've also tried some alternative medications/suplaments with little help.  And I've cut most things out of my diet.  If you want to suggest any thing else I'd love to hear it, because your suggetions were rather vague and I don't think any of them really constitute "answers".  Though I did appreciate your response and the thought you put into it.        
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Sorry, I had forgotten some of the things from your last post.  Did you ever get the results back on your gastric emptying scan?  Have you had a sitsmarker test, stool samples, and RAST blood test (for allergies)?
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They decided against doing the gastric emptying scan (not sure why) and want to do a small bowl X-ray on the 15th istead... which sounds even worse *sigh*  At 12:45 today I'm going in to get another (I've already had 2 in the past 2 yeas) Edoscopy and a sigmondcolonoscopy (have had one already.)  Not sure what they be looking for but currently I feel REALLY bad from the perp.  2 years ago when I had first gotten ill they did a stool sample that came up fine, They also did an ultra sound of my gallbladder.  Which they told me looked normal except the bile duct was alttle inflamed (didnt seem to e a big concen for my doctors.  And last week I did a lactalose (sp) and a lactose intolerence test, both came up normal.  I'vr also be tested for celiac life 5 tims.  but  I'm not sure what all the other blood work they've done has been for though. And theyve done ALOT.  I'm just hopeing that when I go in to get scoped again today that they don't leave me all set up in the hallway all alone again... It felt like hours but I'm sure it was probibly closer to 20mins... but I have anxiety and all so I don't do too well being left all alone on a hallway without a clock or anything to do.  anyways  I think thats al the test I've had so far.  I guess well wait see how today and the 15th go and then I'm sure my doc has a whole bunch of other stuff he would want to try.
Im also on dicyclomine twice a day, I don't think it's really helping.Its for IBS but my main symptom in cronic almost debilatateing Nausea, So I don't think I have IBS  there is diarrhea mixed in some days, but what eat really doesn't effect it to much.  Not sure what their plan of attack will be from here, Hopfully they'll put me on something othe then the Dicyclomone because it makes me really tired and out of it.
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I personally don't agree with repeating tests many different times because I don't really think it will ever show something.  I would recommend pushing for a gastric emptying scan.  I had horrible nausea undiagnosed for years and they finally figured out it was gastroparesis.  I know what you're talking about with being left alone.  I had that happen to me too before I had something like that.
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Well to no ones surprise they didn't find anything in either of the scopeings.  They did take a few biopsys though and I should get the results back in about 10 days.  It was so annoying because I kept waking up during the scopes.  Not exactly the most comfortable experiance.   Though I did get to watch some of it on the monitor, which was interesting.  I'll see what test he's thinking about doing after the small bowl x-ray and talk to him about maybe doing the gastric emptying.  And of course I was left alone in the hallway for awile again... but it wasnt quite as long this time.  Thanks for your help.  
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