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Bile Duct Damage

I had my GallBladder out over ten years ago.  However, they did not get all the stones.  I had to go to the hospital once a week for two months after the surgery and they would try to remove each "Logged" stone one by one.  

Shortly after this my liver enzymes were high and they ran all the known tests, all was ok.  Now, for the second time, my enzymes are high.  The ggt test was done and that was high also.  Could I have damage from some "Much Work" done in this area? Now coming back to haunt me?

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It's possible, but it's also possible you may have developed stones or sludge without the presence of a gallbladder, or changes may have taken place in the common bile duct post surgery. You may want to discuss the possibility of an MRCP and further testing with your doc.
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Update.  CT scan came back showing a FATTY LIVER and one of my bile ducts is enlarged
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