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Chronic Vomiting in child

Hi all,

I have been having trouble with my 5 year old.  He is, what I can only describe as, a chronic vomiter.  I have NO idea why.  It's infrequent enough to not be a dire emergency, but happens too often for my comfort.
At least once, sometimes 4, times a month (and it could vary to none a month to more than 4, that's just an average) he'll just randomly vomit!  Most of the time it happens in the middle of the night.  We sleep with buckets next to our bed (as he usually comes in our bed in the middle of the night) so that when he does, we're prepared.
It seems to be painless, except for the normal bad feeling of when you have to throw up.  Recently he had an episode in the middle of the day where he was in tremendous pain, crying and begging for me to help him.  After he threw up, he rested for about a half hour and then was totally fine.  I coudln't beleive that someone could be SO seemingly sick and then fine.  It was different from his other episodes in that he was in extreme pain, and also that it was in the day.

I have been able to find no pattern, ie food related, overeating, etc.

I could really use some advice...... other than just 'go to the doctor'.....  I have mentioned it to him and he was unimpressed as it happens so 'infrequently' (HIS opinion!  He's not the one sleeping with buckets!!).  I'd like to know WHAT to ask him.

THANKS in advance everyone!!
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Well just go to the dr. is what i was gonna say ...but are you sure your monitoring everything he is eating? try making a list daily and see if anything is in common the days he gets sick.
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My daughter has similar symptoms and we've been to a few GI doctors yet no one has any true diagnosis for us.  My daughter is 2 years old and was born 4 months premature but this seems to have nothing to do with her vomitting.  Two things come to mind when you explain what your child is doing.  These are two different diagnosis that doctors have mentioned in regards to my child.  One is abdominal migraines.  Like a migraine in your head but it's in your stomach.  There is a lot of info on the computer about this.  We went to see a neurologist in January 2008 and he suspected that she could have what's called ICTUS EMETICUS.  It's seizure activity in the brain and the only real symptom is vomiting.  You can also find info on the web about this.  Go to a good GI  doctor and keep fighting for your child.  My daughter was put on a seizure med and vomits a lot less than she used to.  (Her vomitting was at night and during the day but at night she would not wake up, she would just vomit and let it fall out of her mouth.)  You can also take him to a neurologist and tell him/her that the GI doctors haven't been able to help.  GOOD LUCK!! GOD BLESS! hope i'm not to late for this post.
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