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Chronic pancreatitis and foul smelling body odor?

My husband has had chronic pancreatitis for the past 5 years. We found out 5 months ago he has course calicifications throughout the pancreas with cysts on the head and tail. He is insulin-diabetic now and has lost approx 40 pounds. He has good and bad days. My concern is this. When he feels "bad" an odor of feces eminates from his body. Or sometimes it even smells like really dirty oily hair...mild but nonetheless notable. I am very concerned and can't seem to find an answer. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Welcome to the gastroenterology community!  Has he seen a gastroenterologist aobut this?  What testing has he had done?
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We do not have insurance right now. But when I noticed this smell (and he did too) we both had the terrible thought that he had pancreatic cancer. I took him to the county ER and that's when they did a CT and discovered that the pancreas had course calcification's throughout and cysts on the head and tail which were new...they didn't not say "cancer" or "tumors" or anything like that. He did not have a white count but his platelets were below normal I believe 147,000 and he was slightly anemic (we had stopped eating meat because we read somewhere that the fat in meat causes pain and is hard to digest...I was buying the LEANEST of meats BTW). Anyway, the anemia seems to have improved. He sweats every night...some nights worse than others. He still works but is tired a lot and tries to take pain med only when needed. He is still smoking cigarettes however :(
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Pancreatic cancer is very rare so I don't think you need to worry too much about this.  I really think he needs to see a gastroenterologist about this to figure out what is going on.
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Agreed. When we are able to get some insurance we will see one...thanks for your input.
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Bad plan. If your bald tires were threatening you whenever you drove the car you would replace them. The benefits of early diagnosis of a medical problem are amortized over the rest of your life. If the chronic pancreatitis isn't the result of alcohol abuse it needs an answer. If it is then the cost of the evalation would be less than the cigarette and alcohol bill for the year.
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Thanks Christopher. His pancreatitis was caused by alcohol abuse. He quit drinking 4 years ago. I'm just wondering about this odd smell that develops occasionally. Thanks for your input. I am trying to figure out something to get him some kind of insurance. He is self-employed and now has a pre-exisiting condition so it's kind of tough. I am curious if a duct is blocked or something, but I would imagine the CT he had a few months ago would have revealed that?
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