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Grape like object in stool

First off, a few details about myself. I'm 17, male, no health complications. Not too long ago I went to the bathroom and when I inspected my stool I noticed these white, almost yellowish grape like objects in my stool, and some kind of string too. My first immediate thought was that it's a tapeworm and I got increasingly anxious and scared. I've scoured the internet for almost an hour now and found the same answers: undigested pill, gallstones, calcium buildup etc.

I take one calcium tablet dissolved in water every day. I also ate grapes not too long before I went to the bathroom. Is that what it may be? Grapeskins?

I have no idea and I'm extremely paranoid that I have some kinda tapeworm in me, I hope that's not the case. There is no way I could've gotten a tapeworm outta the blue like that... I didn't eat any undercooked food and I always wash my hands before eating.
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Alright after further inspection they look like white kidney bean shaped objects, there were several of them in my stool. I figured out that the string is probably mucus, but still, what are those white lumps? I'm scared.
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Oh, it can be a mystery.  Usually it is related to something we've eaten.  Here is a guide that I like that has 5 different types of stool to consider.  https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/wellness-and-prevention/5-things-your-poop-can-tell-you-about-your-health  It doesn't mention the substances you are finding in your stool.  These are not specks, correct? You are not taking anything in a capsule are you? Have you ever had an issue with milk and intolerance? They are hollow and not solid, correct?  They don't look like eggs or you'd have mentioned that.  Truly, most of the time this is related to what we've eaten!  (think corn and how that shows in stool).  Is this an ongoing problem or just a one time thing?
They are not shaped the same, they are not specks, theyre separate objects. I never had issues with milk or intolerance. not taking any pills or capsules. All I did before this incident was eat a bowl of grapes and take one calcium pill per day dissolved in water, stopped doing that to see if that causes it, didn't happen again so far. But I'm still concerned.

I don't know if they're solid or hollow, didn't even bother checking, I was so panicked I just flushed it
I'm terrified it might be some parasite, but I don't feel any symptoms, I don't lose weight, I dont have abdominal cramps and the "eggs" look too big and irregularly shaped to be tapeworm segments
This is the first time this has ever happened btw
Try not to worry.  I know we don't like to find 'things' in our stool, but remember---  they are MOST often from something we ate.  If it was that one time, I would not worry.  If it happens again, please let me know right here!  
By the way, I heard something called casein can cause something like this which is in our food sometimes.  It's related to dairy and can cause these curd type things.  That's why I asked you about any previous dairy issues or any recent dietary changes.
Next time this happens remove them from toilet and disinfect everything, them included and put them on a paper towel, disect them with gloves on and see what is inside. I am guessing you will find a white, soft substance, not gooey but like mashed potatoes. If so this is usually a undigested vitamin or medication surrounded by a gel looking substance the "size" of a grape some of them are. Some people say they are fat coming out of your body, nooo. Some say they are polyps coming from your colon, no not if there is no "stem" attached. Check out "ghost pills" you will find info about this. If it keeps happening take it in for a pathologist to see what it is to ease your mind, if some of these are eggs from parasites, which they are not, far too big meaning the paraste must be huge. Either way, be glad they are coming out and not remaining in but get it checked by a pathologist.
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The objects are also quite big, the size of a sesame seed.
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I should also mention that this has never happened before in my life, this is the first time ever I notice these things in my stool.
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