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I react adversely to everything I consume and I don't know what to do

Just over a year ago I slowly starting to no longer tolerate foods I had been eating on a daily basis. Symptoms were sharp migraines with my mind feeling hazy and head feeling heavy comparable to a fever. I've developed anaphylactic responses to foods I've always tolerated like white potatoes. My abdomen is extremely bloated and I feel fatigued all day long and only feel worse when I eat. It's gotten progressively worse over time and now I am unable to eat anything with a notable amount of fiber without it causing sharp pain the next day down the left side of my gut. Foods such as nuts, seeds, and grains I used to eat regularly now cause a rash to break out on my chest and neck.

I've tried different dietary approaches in an attempt to handle this myself such as a low fiber diet, low fodmap diet, scd diet. I was on a whole food plant based diet for over 3 years at this point and out of sheer desperation, I tried incorporating animal products in an attempt to find any food I could tolerate. I found no relief and to this day and I cannot even tolerate juice as it quickly produces a migraine. I have gone out of my way to have a comprehensive stool and breath test done, with the breath test indicating I have hydrogen dominant SIBO but I realize there isn't a great body of evidence suggesting that's the culprit to my poor health.

I realized I couldn't do this on my own any longer six months ago as it has gotten so bad I had to quit my job and move back in with my parents. I've been working with my doctor who ordered numerous blood tests and eventually referred me to a Gastroenterologist. So far I've undergone allergy testing, endoscopy, colonoscopy, liver, and thyroid functioning all coming back negative.

Ultimately, I have no desire to be alive because I feel so awful every day and my doctors don't seem to take me seriously when I express how uncomfortable I am. It feels like they are dragging their feet, ordering one diagnostic test at a time taking at least 1-2 months between them. I simply cannot continue living like this. It's been 6 days since I've consumed anything but a small amount of water and the thought of starving to death is actually comforting.

Is there anything I can do to be taken seriously and receive immediate care? I am so miserable and exhausted I can't bear to wait to see my doctor again to just say, "let's see how things are going in a couple of months." I have no intention to eat again and am posting here as a last resort. I am genuinely in search of help and advice as I've nearly given up entirely.
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Have you taken a stomach emptying test?  That's the way slow stomach emptying is diagnosed. Slow stomach emptying causes the symptoms you mention, plus waking up with a bitter taste in your mouth and feeling full. Look up "gastroparesis" for further symptoms. Best of luck to you!
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So sorry to hear your suffering. I had read once about histamine intolerance and it produces a whole wide variety of symptoms. This area is especially well researched in Germany but you should be able to find much info in English too. All the best.
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The histamine interolerance is bad and may be part of gastroperious. Once we change our diet removing histamine rich foods it amazing it does include removing coffees chocolate beer wine strawberries raspberries. On the bright side apples peaches and blue berries are alright. You may also want to use tactaid if you consume milk. Humans do better with goat milk and Keefer.
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