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I’m wondering if I have pancreatitis or ulcer

I’m 55 year old female that is having Intermitting  pain in the upper abdomen. It usually is on the right side behind the rib and sometimes left. My lipase panels have fluctuated from normal to a tad bit above normal.   I haven’t touched alcohol in 30 days and prior to that was a wine drinker one or two classes at night.  The pain actually has gotten worse since since I’ve stopped the wine.   The emergency room doctor thought it was a mild case of pancreatitis but my family doctor believes it’s an ulcer.  I’ve been taking 40 mg of Prilosec as well as sucralfate.  I’ve also been having some weight loss. I had a CT scan and everything came back normal as well as an ultrasound. Bloodwork looks good except for that Lipase panel.  Trying to get into see a gastrologist but because of the coronavirus and not able to.  Any ideas what’s going on?
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Hi there.  How are you feeling now?  It's been a few days.  When the corona virus has passed, you may want to have an endoscopy. This is how my ulcer was found.  In general, pancreatitis is typically an acute condition.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pancreatitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20360227  Normally you'd recover from that especially if you laid off the triggers.  However, if it continues, a peptic ulcer would be more of a suspicion. https://www.healthline.com/health/stomach-ulcer  My ulcer was more in my intestines which has slightly different symptoms.  I could not take prilosec and felt it made my symptoms worse.  FYI, sometimes a different medication is helpful to try.  Can your doctor do telemedicine right now since most are not seeing patients unless absolutely necessary?
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