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Puzzled and Nerves reached their ends

I am 31 years old I have iron and folic acid deficient anemia, along with that I have extreme fatigue to the point I could sleep 15 or more hours continuosly, with that comes with the loss of sex drive. I have had a headache for 1 month it stopped hurting for about 4 hours after the er gave me an IV with Torridol. I also have left upper abdominal burning and pain, I have not been able to function normally for about a month and have no idea what to do next. They have completed blood work and so far the only thing that came back was anemia. The er completed a ct scan of my head and they said it was normal, They have prescribed percocet to me for the head ache which is not helping by the way. I am not one of the people who like the feeling of being drugged I would prefer someone find out what is wrong and help fix me then drug me. Does anyone have any idea what this may be?
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Rainbow, does anyone in your family have celiac problems?

What blood work did they do - specifically? There are different things to test for, so when you say that the only thing that came back was anemia, it's mean little.

Have you had your thyroid checked?

Are there any other symptoms you're not mentioning - like rashes or blotches, dry skin, etc?
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They did not say what all blood tests they were doing but my thyroid came back at 2.0 which apparently is normal level. I have not had blochy skin or rashes but I have had dry skin and my hair comes out in small clumps in the shower. My family has a history of heart problems, and leukemia, although I did not find out about the leukemia until a couple of days ago. My daughter told me that my great grandmother on her side had passed as a result.
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Typo there I meant My mother told me that my grandmother on her side passed from Leukemia. Another weird thing is that I have been craving salt lots of salt.
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hi  i am 44 and just found out i have low iron and low b-12.  what if any other symptoms are you having?  i would like to compare.  i have been feeling exhausted myself and experiencing low grade fevers. i just noticed a rash on my torso and back.  my hematologist wants me to have a pet scan and sono because he felt something under my left arm.  i too have a strong family history of lymphoma and leukemia.  i lost a sister to leukemia when i was 3yrs old.  i fear i have this myself.
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i had a headache for 4 days it went away.  where was your?  mine was mostly in the back of my head and it was dull.  forgot to say my sex drive has decreased to nill.  hope to hear from you soon.
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You may have reflux or even a hiatal hernia -- conditions made worse if you have any tpe of thyroid disease such as Graves (over-active) or Hashimoto's (under-active).

Thyroid disease is a result of antibodies attacking the thryoid.  And, your symptoms are classic for thyroid disease - -making it a real possibility.  In Hashimoto's, for example, you can have normal levels of "Thyroid" but the antibodies effectively disable it so your antibodies and TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) counts are all high, too.  Ask doc to run a full thyroid panel, that is Free T4, T3, TSH, Tg (Thyroglobulin antibody) and TPO (Thyroid Peroxidase antibody).  Even one of the antibodies being high can cause Hashimoto's.   It's important to get a thyroid sono, too to look for nodules.   And, my experience is any nodule should be biopsied -- no matter how reluctant they might be to do it.  I insisted and found out I had papiallary thyroid cancer with only a 1.3cm nodule -- a far earlier diagnosis than usual.  This meant I could just do surgery and avoid radio-active iodine (RAI).  Nodules over 1.5cm required RAI.
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