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What foods should I avoid from having reflux?

I take 2 Ranitidine 300mg and Prevacid Soulutab 30mg.1 RANITIDINE AT 6AM AND 6PM AND THE PREVACID AT 30MINUTES BEFORE DINNER. Is that enough to help my acid reflux?

And sometimes when i am laying for sleep the reflux occurs.

What can I do?
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Do an internet search on GERD and there is a lot of information. Try to stay sites such as medline or some research hospital that would have valid information.  
The maker of Nexium has good info including what to stay away from. It is at GERD.com

Basically stay away from:

acidy foods such as oranges, tomatoes, vinegar, etc.
hot peppers
chococate, peppermint, coffee (including decaf); carbonated beverages.

Also you should probably raise the head of your bed and not lay down for 2-3 hours after eating.

Good luck!
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It may not be reflux. there are a bunch of things that disguise as reflux including candida. Get tested.
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