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Ruptured appendix/no surgery done

Last week my husband was admitted into the hospital with ruptured appendix. He was put on antibiotics and a surgeon came in to exam him. After four days they did another scan and determined he did not have an abscess on his appendix so he was not going to remove his appendix. When he no longer had a fever later that day he was discharged on oral antibiotics. Yesterday he had a follow up appointment with the surgeon and he said there is only a fifteen per cent chance of any more trouble with his appendix so still no surgery. He wants to see him in two weeks to do another scan to see how his appendix is doing. What do you think about no surgery?
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Well, I'm assuming you trust his surgeon? If not, then I'd call his primary for a discussion about this. They may be able to give an opinion. Surgery is always invasive. Are they saying his appendix did NOT rupture?
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His appendix did rupture according to the scan done in the ER. As for as trusting the surgeon, I don't know him as he was the surgeon that showed up to talk to us at Baylor Scott and White and is associated with Baylor Scott and White Clinic next to the hospital. We do have an appointment Monday with the associate of our primary that diagnosed possible Appendix or Gall Bladder.
How did your appointment go? Any updates?
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