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Severe Stomach pain with lower back pain

I have a fairly healthy diet; no meat, try to eat fresh veggies and fruit. I also do my best to stay away from processed foods and rarely eat any junk food. I have never smoked and I don't drink.These past couple of years have been extremely stressful so I am not sure if stress has something to do with it. I used to have migraines and took Tylenol for migraines. I have since stopped since my migraines have disappeared. I was also afraid the Tylenol may have damaged my stomach so I stopped taking them.

Two months ago I started having intense stomach pains that have driven me to tears. The pain lasts up to 2-4 hours. The longest has been 6 hours( was the first time I got it). My stomach felt tender and bloated.The pain burns and is dull.I have found that after I have the episode I am fine for a couple of weeks and then it happens again. I get lower back pain and it makes it unbearable to lie down or sit. I pace around the house waiting to vomit because it is the only thing that seems to help. I also noticed it only happens around night time.

This time around I forced myself to vomit hoping the pain would get cut down to an hour or 2 instead of 4. The difference this time was that I was burping and it felt like I was burping the acid from my stomach. I also could't hold down any water or food. My stomach completely cleaned itself out. I even had food that hadn't been completely digested come up. My back pain was horrible. I couldn't lie down or sit because the pain would intensify. After vomiting I was left with this intense burning feeling and I just tried lying down as it seemed the pain was slowly subsiding. I was exhausted from the pain and fell asleep. Today I woke up with a sore stomach that feels hot and also some nausea. I noticed that since these episodes started I have lower back pain that intensifies during the episodes, but is dormant after.

My husband and are at our wits end as he and I feel helpless because nothing helps.Any suggestions would help. Thank you!
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You need to visit a doctor ASAP for diagnosis.  There are so many potential causes that it's not possible to give you any real ideas over the internet.  As you can see, some of these causes can be serious: https://www.healthline.com/health/abdominal-bloating-and-back-pain
I'd be concerned about an intestinal blockage.
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Thank you for your response CurfewX! I went to the doctor last Friday and she said there isn't anything wrong as far as she is concerned. She gave me the option  to take pain meds, but I declined because it doesn't fix my problem and the pain isn't everyday. I also don't want medication I don't really need to damage me already sore stomach.

I know it's not  abdominal obstruction because after the episodes I still go to the bathroom fine and I eat okay, just smaller quantities.

Something else that I recently found is it could be a gallstone. I am going to do a cleanse with apple juice to see if that helps. I tried taking a tbs of olive oil with lemon juice last night and chamomile tea before bed and it did relieve my stomach so I could sleep. I will update with further info when I can just incase this may help anyone else.
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