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Sulphuric/ Eggy burps and stomach cramps

Hi All,

From what I have read i suffer from the above.I had an attack last night,the first in 16 months.It was not as bad as the previous bout ,I had the foul smelling burps,then minor vomiting.There was no diarrhea,but I had the urge have a normal bowl movement.

When I experience a real bad episode I have constant vomiting,diarrhea for up to 6 hours,I usually take something to stop the diarrhea.

It only happens at night?????

Can anyone offer any advice on what could cause these episodes,is there sometning I can take when the bad burps start.

Any help is appreciated

Thank you,Tim
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any help please.Cheers
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You poor thing!  I feel your pain.  Pepto Bismol - I take it for two days, cut my diet to very light, bland intake for 4-5 days, and it usually goes away.  For a more permanent fix, you have to see a doctor.  Ask about Gastroparesis and Pyloric Stenosis.
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they told me I had the stomach flu or it could have been from uncooked chicken. its been ongoing for 3 days now but the vomiting and diarreah have stopped, however I still have the sulfur burps and a little stomach burning.
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Regarding the 'eggy burp' phenomenon. There are two aspects to this:

1. Taking medication such as Gaviscon will not help matters as this reduces the much needed acid that can rid you of the problem. Other medications such as 'windeze' will not help either. If you are regularly taking Proton Pump Inhibitors this has the effect of course of significantly reducing acid which allows food eaten to quickly ferment and give off the 'eggy' effect creating gas and therefore repeatedly expelling with the nasty smell. One way to potentially resolve this is to not take the Inhibitor (e.g. lansoprozole, omeprozole) as this will allow the acid to sort the problem out and clear any bacterial build up.

2. Whether or not you are taking medication as 1. above, another alternative is to take pro-biotics. The best form is available from health food shops and you should seek to obtain a very high strength capsule dosage that is typically stored in a fridge. with a minimum of 30 billion viable cells of at least 8 strains including Lactobacillus Acidophilus. Couple this with a pro-biotic drink preferably Actimel if you can get it as this contains 10 billion viable cells and take two of these a day, morning and night. Do not buy Yakult as this has only c. 4.5 billion and Vitality is a non-starter as you would need to drink around 50 of these to achieve the same as 1 Actimel.

The other thing you might add into the pot as it were is alkaline water. There are relatively cheap filters c. £45 that will convert tap water with its standard 0PH to alkaline and this can help keep stomach acid lower and a good non-chemical alternative to Gaviscon et al.

Basically, if you consider that before an intake of food your stomach PH will be acidic and measure around 1; after food that will decrease to 4 or 5. If you reduce the acid at this point artificially using medications then you will lose the acidic potency required to neutralise the bad smelling 'eggy burps'.

This has worked very successfully in my trials and I wish you well with your efforts.
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Possible answer to a horrible nightmare of eggy burps, explosive diarrhea and vomiting. These episodes are quite incapacitating and I have watched my husband suffer with over 10 of these episodes in the last 8 months. I have the read the forums initially for answers. It seems that it is a mystery. I did more research and found that much of this has to do with the ileocecal valve. Hear me out b/c at this point, anything is worth trying versus going through the abdominal cramping and being down for two days recuperating. The ileocecal valve allows food to pass from the small intestine to the large intestine. The small intestine is like a kitchen and accepts food from the stomach and is where the vast majority of digestion and absorption takes place. This is where the nutrients from food are absorbed and given to the body. The large intestine is a like a sewer. Whereas the small intestine takes the good stuff from food, the large intestine takes out the bad stuff (toxins, etc.). The large intestine houses over 700 different species of bacteria to do a variety of functions. When the ileocecal valve weakens, the valve starts to malfunction. Remnants from the large intestine are now going back up into the small intestine. Bacteria from the large intestine was not meant to be in the small intestine. This valve needs to be closed. When this bacteria enters the small intestine, it is being absorbed into the body. My husband always said that it literally seemed that what was coming out one end was the same thing coming out the other. Most likely he is right. The smell is putrid. I have witnessed all of this first hand. Being a nurse I could not stop until i knew the answer. This condition, obviously from reading the forums, is not one that is easily recognized. We have been to the gastro. I am not about filling our bodies full of pills to cover the problem, i want to get to the root of the problem. This is called functional medicine. Lets heal our bodies.. not lace them with chemicals. Believe me, we have tried the Bentyl, Pepto, Maalox, etc. This will obviously not stop the mountains of bacteria regurgitating into the small intestine. This stuff sits and fermits and the body has to eliminate it (vomiting/diarrhea) before it does ultimate harm to the body. So, what can be done? Believe it or not, it is a pretty simple, non-invasive fix. We found a website where you do an abdominal massage which will close this valve. My husband and I tried it and was somewhat skeptical in the beginning but it worked. He began to have the eggy burps and we knew what usually followed. He laid down on the couch, took less than 10 minutes to do the massage. We could hear the stomach start to grumble and he began to have bowel sounds (good sign). Less than an hour later, he had a normal bowel movement and no cramping/vomiting or diarrhea. What causes this? From what I have read, this valve can become weak from calcium deficiency. My husband is taking a narcotic pain medication known to deplete calcium in the body. Your body will take calcium where it can get it and one of the places is the ileocecal valve. There are things you can do to limit these crazy episodes... you can google ileocecal valve syndrome. It can give you a list (mostly don't overeat, cut out sugar, no chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, etc). I hope that I can at least help one person with this post. I know I would have appreciated it. I just got sick of seeing no answers. If you have any questions, please email ***@****.

I hope u are right. I feel terrible. I use to get this about once a year. The month of Aug I got it 5 times. I have missed work and time with my childern. Im tired of hearing its my gallbladder that is my drs go to. I dont believe it. Drs. Look at u like ur crazy.
My husband feels great now. We finally found out what it was. It was the Norovirus. We were surprised his GI doctor and no one else knew what this was. He had over 20 episodes in probably a 3 year span. It went away on its own. It was the absolute worst. I have had my gallbladder removed, definitely not that. I hope you get to feeling better. We feel your pain, it is THE WORST!

Love from Texas! ~ Kimberly
How can u get it that many times?
Norovirus is a hard bug to kill, especially if someone is immune compromised (which many of us are due to toxicity and deficiency due to many environmental factors – toxins in air, water, food, medication/vaccines, etc.). Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics and can live in the body for long periods of time. I am not a doctor, let alone a virologist, but I have worked in the healthcare field long enough to know that “gut bugs” can be very hard to eradicate. Norovirus hijacks the gut, which is where 80-85% of our immune system resides. It is hard for our body to naturally fight off a virus such as this with a taxed immune system.

I know from our own experience, it took strengthening my husband’s immune system to help rid his body of this virus. He took a good multivitamin, probiotics and digestive enzymes and changed his diet which included organic food and juicing.

Good info. I had symptoms 5 times in Aug. Im sure my immunity was compromised due ro stress. I have started a multivitamin and probiotics. I have also started carafate. Im doing good so far.
I totally feel for you. It is one of the worst things that my husband has gone through. He had about 10 episodes over about a 3 year period. Stress is huge and has been another debilitating thing in my husband's life. He is worries about things when there is nothing to worry about. His mother had a stress condition and died at 41 years old from colon cancer. She was a very "healthy" person (absent stress). We know how much stress can impact your body and your immune system. He has been on Xanax for years, and sadly it does nothing to help his anxiety. He has been under treatment but nothing seems to help other than juicing. We know now there is a gut brain connection and the things we eat can also effect our brain. Diet was a huge factor in not only keeping his stress down but strengthening his immune system and getting rid of this God-awful virus! I wish you nothing but the best. I wouldn't wish this virus on my worst enemies.
I appreciate you! Thanks so much for ur input and caring heart
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Fasigyn! All I can say...ask your doctor for Fasigyn, PLEASE!!!

I was having these episodes 6 out of 7 days a week. I was taking days off work, not able to socialize, lest I had to quickly run to the bathroom all the time and even with the 1 good day a week, I was too sore to even stand up from a week's worth of cramping in my stomach.

At the moment, it's a temporary fix and lasted me 3 months initially but for the sake of quality of life, those 3 months were worth it. I've taken another dose of it today and feel confident.

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