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What are the potential risks and complications of belly inflation?

I have been indulging in a somewhat strange practice for some time now. I inflate my belly with a manual air pump connected to my anus. I'm looking to learn more about the potential short-term and long-term risks and complications associated with it.

Let's describe the course of the session. I start by doing an intestinal enema with salt water. I then lie down and insert the tube connected to the pump. Then I start pumping. When I feel the start of a cramp, I wait for it to pass, then keep pumping.

I never felt any real pain apart from the cramps which, at least from what my experience tells me, are mainly due to a bad preliminary intestinal enema. I stop pumping when I feel full enough. Although I am often tempted to continue, feeling no real pain, I stop, for fear of damaging something. It sometimes happens to me, after having evacuated all the air in me, to feel a slight pain a little higher, at the level of the chest. I suspect it's just due to my stomach being compressed, but I'm not completely sure either.

The only real medical opinion that I have found explains that the practice is beneficial because it allows one to avoid the folds and knots in which the waste products of digestion accumulate and which are harmful in the long term and to restore a certain elasticity to the intestines, However, I remain somewhat skeptical.

I would like to have the opinion of other doctors or other practitioners on the potential short-term and long-term risks associated with the practice.

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