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What could cause back ache and stomach discomfort after drinking alcohol?

Anyone have any clue what would cause pain in the upper center portion of the back, and sometimes upper abdominal pain around the sternum area, after consuming just one alcoholic beverage?  

Starts as some achiness and turns to the feeling of a bad cramp 10-15 minutes into the drink and the pain usually lasts for about 20 minutes.  Still not feeling well after the drink I had Friday night.  Had one drink before dinner and my back didn't start hurting badly until I had finished my meal. Feels like a really bad cramp in the upper center part of my back like on the other side of my breastbone which it also hurts there as well sometimes

Still have somewhat of a slight back ache, it's not constant, and seems to be worse after eating.  Also have upper abdominal tenderness and some slight chest discomfort.  

This is like the 5 time this has happened to me in the last 8 months.  The first couple times I felt fine afterwards although the first attack I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital the pain was so bad.  The last two times I have battled achiness around the sternum and have just not felt well.

Went to the doctor after this happened in January and he said it sounded like a hiatal hernia and acid reflux based on the symptoms.  I took Prilosec for 2 weeks and then Nexium for the next month.  All my problems seemed much worse while on the PPIs.  So I finished the meds about 2 weeks after I decided to try drinking again.  

If it was an acid reflux issue causing the pain then why would it not have healed while I was on the meds?  

Has anyone heard of getting this type of pain after drinking?  

I'm worried that something serious may be going on.  For months I've been experiencing some abdominal discomfort and burping.  Of late I've been having hiccups a lot especially after eating.

I do have an appointment with a gastroenterologist in almost two weeks.  In the meantime, I would really appreciate any thoughts on what may be going on.  Thanks in advance!
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yeah alcohol and tobacco are poisons for your kidney and livers. , and digestive system. every alcohol drink is more poision your kidney and liver filters a detoxifys
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(male 19) although, i've never experienced this after drinking alcohol, this happens to me after drinking soda. during my most recent episode, i also experienced shortness of breath and a heavier-than-normal pulse.

kinda worried, but, at the same time, it's probably nothing.

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I've had this same feeling after drinking red wine. I started having reflux problems 10 months ago. The ppi's make me feel bad on top of everything else. This past month I've had 2 episodes of this chest and back discomfort. And reassured by my GI doc that it was due to reflux. I'm on Dexilant(Kapidex) 60mg. Nothing seems to work as good as Prilosec 40mg capsules. I was able to drink and eat anything I wanted! But my insurance won't cover it again..... I just want to feel normal again.....!!
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