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Will we ever see a cure for GERD?

I saw on another forum someone was in clinical trials testing a cure for GERD, but I forgot the link. But anyways I got GERD i believe by taking a protein drink (too much), so my question is, will there ever be a cure for GERD?

When I don't take my GERD medicine I feel like I'm going to die, I feel tired, like I'm about to pass out, feel extremely hot with constant hot flashes, God help us we need a cure.
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No. There won't be a cure. There's no profit in a cure. There's only profit in the meds. Wanna cure? Get yourself a Naturopathic Doctor (an ND, NOT an MD). I did. And I had "GERD". By the way, it's not a disease, it's a behavioral condition that can be changed. You feel like **** because, not only isn't your medication ever going to CURE you, you are now DEPENDENT on it. Your MD can now medicate you as a repeat customer until the side-effects require you to take ADDITIONAL, non-curing meds, up until the point that you'll need surgery and MORE drugs after that. Fast-forward 3, 6, 12 months down the road and ask yourself if the aforementioned sounds fun. If not, find an ND and they'll tell you what you need to do. It'll be cheaper, easier and less painful than staying in the "pharmaceutical prescription mill". Most importantly, an ND will EDUCATE you and your solution will be permanent. Please heed my advice. If you're weary or suspicious, good! So was I. It means you're smart. So be smart and check it out for yourself. I promise you...you'll never go to an MD again. Good luck!
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Your right, these side effects of the medicine are destroying me, it's drying my through out and etc. You said you had GERD? So you don't have it anymore? If you don't what things should I ask my doctor about GERD because I need to live my life, I'm only 21 and just finishing my masters degree and I can't live my life tired and worn down. But thanks for the advice. Trying to find a ND now if I can. Thanks and God Bless.
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You have to cure yourself,watch what you eat and drink and research on what causes Gerd and take notes of what happens after you eat something which gives you problem.
I have a cabinet full of OTC and prescription medications but now I hardly take any,I chew gum during the day and watch what I eat ,I try not to eat after 6 pm and go  to bed with a glass of water on my nightstand.
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Have you had any luck finding an ND? Naturopath's will be in the phone book or google it locally. Simply tell them about your symptomology and everything we've touched on. An ND will explain everything you need to know.
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I'm in Tallahassee, Florida. I haven't found one yet, maybe because I didn't look good, but I haven't found one yet. Thanks and God Bless.
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"By the way, it's not a disease, it's a behavioral condition that can be changed. "

This comment angers me beyond words!  GERD IS a disease, a disease without a cure.  Maybe your GER (obviously not GERD) was "cured"  by changing your behaviors.
BUt what about the many many little children with GERD.  They don't smoke, drink, and they haven't yet even begun to develop bad eating habits that promote GERD.
My son isn't over weight (in fact up until last month he was Failing to thrive because of GERD)
He doesn't over indulge
He certainly doesn't have bad eating habits other than what his GERD has taught him (eating hurts)
and the damage it has caused has made eating difficult for him

and Yes, they ARE trying to find a cure.  Lot's of research is being done to find a cure.  Do I think there will be one in my son's (My 3 year old born with GERD) lifetime?  No, but I'm hopeful that some day they WILL be able to pin point the problem, and until then Thank God for the medicines we have available.  My son for certain be more ill or possibly worse if it weren't for the prescription meds he has available to him.  They are truely saving his life and changing the quality as well.

They are discovering a link between H pylori bacteria (the one that can cause stomach ulcers) and GERD and they have already found a strong genetic link, and are now working to find the actual GERD gene/genes.

Do you honestly think MDs have some kind of "Keep them sick" conspiracy going?!?!  If so I think you should be getting treated by your Naturopath for something else entirely.

BTW  we see a Naturopath and she never condoned or encouraged us to giving my son's GERD medication, and NEVER would.  

PLEASE if you have been diagnosed with GERD and/or have any of the complications of GERD  PLEASE don't stop taking your meds without working with your doctors.
Yes, Lifestyle changes are VERY important in the treatment of GERD, but for some it's truly not enough to stop the potentially SERIOUS DISEASE that it is.
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"BTW  we see a Naturopath and she never condoned or encouraged us to STOP giving my son's GERD medication, and NEVER would.  
Had to edit and add the word stop to that sentence
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There is hidden danger in using  Prilosec like drugs.They reduce HCL in the stomach and if you continue taking it for years then the problem gets worse , indigestion etc , whole mind/body balance is controlled by the digestion process.

Nice info on GERd , Hcl and digestion of proteins.


I was vomitting out of control every morning for 3 years then found out about prilosec and it worked miracle.Stopped throwing up , etc but my problem isn't going away so there is no harm seeking help of alternative medicine.

Ayushakti Usa in NYC has good ayurvedic doctors.Their head Dr.Pankaj Naram has treated 500,000 all over the world with problems like asthma and acidity.We should keep an open mind.Even accupressure helps.
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Homeostasis -


when somebody says GERD is an emotional condition they are right in the sense that homeostasis is disturbed. Dr Scott Mumby is his books "VIRTUAL MEDICNE" talks about mind/body complex and how diseases could be induced in children from traumas in life to which happened to their grandparents! It's all about the smooth flow of vital force or conciousness if it gets block then imbalances result
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happpy to see that I am not the only one suffering frmo GERD.

After 2 years of suffering and research, I have found some pointers which can help a few people.

Understand the problem (Acid Refulx) : stomach functions like a machine which crushes food. Every 20 minutes once it gives a thrust for the food inside to rotate and get digested and every time this happens, the acid is splashed all over again and again. Now if you take a food which takes time to digest more pumping by stomach is required and eventually the acid reaches the entry point of stomach which is the food pipe and hurts them to the extent of causing damage. I hope this is the problem (please do correct me if i am wrong)


1. Take food which is easily digestable and take them once is 2 hrs atleast.
2. Avoid Citirc acid foods like many juices, etc
3. Consiously and constantly swallow your saliva as much as possible becuase it helps nutralize the acid inside
4. Eat some amount of cabbage during the entire course of the day as it has substances which helps cure GERD
5. sleep only after 2.5 hrs after taking food in the night.
6. Things to be avoided: Processed foods, deep fried items, etc
7. Things helpful: Cabbage, boiled veggies, bland food, half filled stomach, no execrcises which can put pressure on your abs, etc.

Please ignore if you feel taht what i say is ridiculous.

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Thanks for the advice.  You're right on the money with your solutions.  Cabbage juice is a time tested grandma cure for indigestion.  I saw a Naturopathic doctor who recommended a product called Glutagenics.  It has Aloe, Licorice, and Glutamine.  I have had great results with this stuff.  Mix a teaspoon with juice or water.  According to my physician, this is the same type of chemical found in cabbage. (Glutamine)  
I agree with John, in that there us an emotional trauma side of the disease, GERD.
I have been on PPIs for over 9 years now, and would like to discontinue their use.  I have noticed that losing weight has a marked effect on the incidence of reflux.  Less stress, less weight results in less reflux symptoms.  
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Amen to your comment!!!! I won't even go near an MD for treatment.  All they do is misdiagnose...treat symtoms only...perform invasive tests that can make matters worse and dole out drugs (that they push for the big drug companies) which evenytually cause bigger health issues and/or kill us!  Remember many times the "treatment" is overkill and more dangerous than the condition itself.
I got great results by seeing a nutritionist/kenesiologist...following certian dietary and lifestyle changes and educating myself!  Good luck!
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I have recently been to both MD's and ND's. Gastroenterologist, etc. I never had GERD symptoms, but went for my first baseline colonoscopy and the DR. insisted that I have an Endoscopy also. I objected but then gave in to the pressure. Now, I have horrible GERD and they said the endocopy found some indication of Barrets Syndrome (a pre-cancerous condition associated with stomach acid changing cells in the esophagus). I had every test under the son and felt like I was choking every day. I had recently gained 30 pounds due to inactivity and back surgery. My symptoms of GERD did not happen until after the endoscopy. I was given Prilosec by the Gastro Dr. and did not like that at 49 they are starting to dish out drugs so quickly. I don't think they get that diet and lifestyle change can cure or lessen symptoms considerably. Research has shown that a diet high in vegtables, fruit and whole grains reduces the acid in the stomach. Common sense. OUr American diet is killing us. Also, soda and cold drinks are horrible. Having soup before a meal or something warm aids in digestion. Cold salad at the beginning of a meal is also a no no. Salad should be after the dinner as they do in Europe.
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Hi there!  I was diagnosed with GERD last September 2009 and like you my symptoms got worse after the diagnosis.  I only had 2 "GERD attacks" prior to that and both seemed like asthma with me feeling like I couldn't breathe because of an imaginary ball in my throat.  There were "mild attacks" during the times I had trouble swallowing and couldn't eat slimy foods like pineapple.  PPI's were really hard on my stomach so I stopped taking them after 1 month and then took anthroposophic meds instead.  Progress is slower but I didn't want to have to worry about side effects.  I am so much better now - not 100% well but I would say it's become more manageable.  From having an imaginary big ball in my throat they're now more like marbles.  Best advice I could give is to change your diet and lifestyle :)
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What are anthroposophic meds?  I agree about diet and lifestyle.  A lot of people don't realize that there are a lot more trigger foods than what the doctors tell us, though.  My list is quite extensive.  A lot of people don't realize that sulfite, especially added sulfites, are major triggers for GERD.
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I am also suffering from Gerd. I am eating cucumber every night. It keeps me from heartburn and acidreflex at night. i am also undergoing some herbal medicine from india. i will update later.
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I'm confused about the cabbage juice issue. Everywhere I've looked online I kept reading that cabbage juice is like the miracle cure for GERD. It helps, it cures, it does it all. So I bought myself today a juicer and a green cabbage and made myself some juice having high hopes of finally tackling GERD after already a few years of having it.
But you know what I found? As soon as I had 3 sips of this darn juice, my back of throat started to hurt me so bad like when I am having my worse GERD attacks. I was almost on crying. I left it at that as I also had a bit of ginger in teh juice and I said to myself 'heck, must be the ginger'. So later in the afternoon I made a pure cabbage juice and after the second sip my throat was on fire (and still is after one hour). I joined another forum on GERD just now and somebody just replied that their doctor told them that cabbage in any raw form is a big no-no due to the acids it has.
I'm not going to touch raw cabbage ever again, regardless what hundreds of websites tell me that it helps my GERD. It nearly brought me to tears.
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UK M 39
I was diagnosed almost 4 yrs ago in the UK....I have been on a high dosage of PPI's ever since, partly due to a hyatus hernia (please ecuse the spelling). I have always had stomach problems and loud gurgling sounds after eating....had a fake apendisitis attack 10 yrs or so ago which was never diagnosed. around 3 bad attacks lasting over a week which felt like a heart attck (crushing pains, dead arms and difficulty breathing) finally got me to hospital and on 60mg of Lansopazole daily. I lost 1.5 stones, reduced my eating significantly, gave up smoking and drinking completely....still reliant on meds and very tired/bloated all of the time, been unable to exercise for the last 7 or 8 yrs in any form also.
Not sure what next...was on a waiting list for a potential operation previously, but lost in the system for years - common in the UK.
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Hi there!  I was diagnosed with GERD in August 2010 and my symptoms got worse after the diagnosis.  I only had 2 "GERD attacks" prior to that and both seemed like asthma with me feeling like I couldn't breathe because of an imaginary ball in my throat.  There were "mild attacks" during the times I had trouble swallowing and couldn't eat slimy foods like pineapple.  My friend advised me to look for natural remedies. I found Biogetica natural remedies for GERD. I started taking them in January and took them for 3 months. Till now I m feeling fine and did not have any other attack of GERD. Thanks to natural products created at Biogetica.  Best advice I could give is to change your diet and lifestyle and try natural remedies.

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