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barium enema

what mean?

Mild Redundancy is noted at the hepatic flexure
There was a free flow of barium from rectum to cecum showing no intrinsic abnormality or external displacement
The appendix was normally outlined as well as the cecal floor
the ileocecal valve is competent, and no definite reflux into the terminal ileal loops is seen
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It means that there were no obstructions found from the area of the end of the small intestine (cecum) through to the rectum - so no blockage. They were able to see the end of the small intestine/beginning of the large intestine. The valve at the end of the small intestine/beginning of the large intestine was in the proper position and the contents of the small intestine that should flow through to the large intestine did not 'back up' and move backwards into the small intestine (reflux into the terminal ileal loops). You have a slightly longer length of colon that is found at the top of the ascending colon (hepatic flexure).

Overall it's saying that they found 'nothing wrong.'
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hi calgal and cameros .. i hope you have had ur results sorted and you are a step closer to feeling better ( its all a nightmare isnt it !! )  > whilst browsing this forum i found this that you (calgal) have answered, this is what i had done but my radiologist said barium didnt stop at valve and barium went into my small intestine ? , im thinking of asking for a barium meal am i right in thinking this is the one you drink and shows all up from mouth to this valve in bowel ?? x

thanks again x
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