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could I have pancreatitis?

I had my gallbladder removed over one year ago. One week after having it removed I began to have abdominal pain that hurt through to my back. It is very painful and nothing helps. I've had multiple tests done and 2 ERCP's. After the first ERCP the pain stayed gone for 2 months and then returned. After 2nd ERCP, I ended up in the hospital with pain and fever. My CT scan was normal and so were my A&L levels. However, I have been reading on pancreatitis and my symptoms seem to match, especially the pain in the epigastric region that radiates to my back. I have no other answers and my doctor is out of ideas. Could I have pancreatitis even though my CT scan and A&L levels were normal??
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You can have pancreatitis from ercps. My fiance had it and she had no positive tests for it. She also had her gb removed and that caused the problem.  Her tests never showed elevated enzymes and ct scans were always normal. She eventually had her pancreas removed because of the daily pain. I am dealing with the same thing. And as of right now its hard to get the doctors to help me. Pancreatitis is a real pain in the butt to get help for. I would recommend calling Dr. Sutherland at university of Minn.
You would need your doctor to refer you but he is the best with gi problems. He was the only one who helped my fiance. He told her docs about how the pancreas can appear normal but still hurt.  
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It sounds like SOD-Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction. That is what I was told I have. I have the same pain you refer to, but during a 'pain attack' I was able to get labs drawn and my liver functions were extremely high. It's frustrating..I take a muscle relaxer daily for my organs. The only way my pancreas doctor says he can fix my problem is to have an ERCP with the manmonetry (measures the pressure of your bile duct) and possibly place a stent in the duct if need be. But, chances are high of getting pancreatitis from the procedure. Do a search on SOD and compare your symptoms.
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thank you so much for your comment. I dont feel so alone. You are right, it is so hard to get doctors to believe you when everything keeps coming up normal. But, the pain is very real and I deal with it nearly everyday. Thank you so much for telling me about Dr. Sutherland.
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thank you for telling me about SOD. I will definitely do some research on this dysfunction.
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