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rotten egg burps

i started having this problem a couple months ago, and i'm a recovering heroin addict, i'm on the methodone program, so, i thought the problem had somehting to do with the fact that i can't go #2 regularly because of the meth but wasn't sure. Anyways, it was happening to me like everyother day, i just thought to google it and some of what i read has been helpful, thank you!! i will have to look into some of the things i read...

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first all of,congrats on getting your life back on track.i quit smoking a month ago so i know how you must feel.maybe its due to the heroin leaving your body .maybe the sulfur in your diet has something to do with this.
worth keeping tract your dairy intake and meats.
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I am also a recovering heroin addict. I have been using suboxone instead of methadone though and have been clean for 4 years.  I have had chronic constipation since the age of 8 but I do know that methadone and suboxone cause constipation. However, I have recently been having horrible swelling of the stomach and discomfort accompanied by rotten egg smelling burps and gas. It's possible that drugs have ruined my body, but this is something that is quite recent...does anyone or have you had this issue?
This must definatly be the methadone. I am a down addict and just started on the methadone recovery program. Having constipation too every other night. Tonight is the worst yet. Bloated stomache to the max, super gassy, not pooping, hard time to pee even, almost like i have a UTI or something. And the worst part!!!!!!......burps that semm like fart for realzzzz. Its legit like a fart out my mouf haha. Im a chick and i HATE FARTS! Like with a passion. And burps too i cant even fake burp and burping this much discusts me. Im super emotional which is ****** i feel like a wimp the last week. Did i mention ...Dry mouth to the extreme. To conclude....... Methadone/Soboxone= Nasty *** fart burps aka sulfur acid trapped in the body feom not ********!!! Your not alone!
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