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stomach pain since 2018 with fatigue and inflammatory syndrome

Hello everyone, I am French-speaking and I am Belgian and I use a translator.
I come to seek help because no Doctor has succeeded in finding what I have been suffering from since 2018 and I have never been taken seriously because of my physical appearance so I will give you a summary of all the examinations I have did and who was excluded or discovered.

It all started in 2018 I started having discomfort in the middle of my right flank on the side and after a few weeks the feeling of discomfort turned into throbbing pain and like it didn't improve so until I go see a gastroenterologist saw how badly I was in pain I went directly to the emergency room and they did a CT scan to rule out "appendicitis" here are the results of the CT scan: (Retro-caecal appendage ascending along of the left iliac axis, slight infiltration of fat at the tip of it next to L5: compatible with early appendicitis.) and then I did an ultrasound to exclude: (Cholecystitis, appendicitis, dilation of the cavities pyelocalicielles) and here are the results of the echo: (No ultrasound argument in favor of cholecystitis, No dilation of the pyélocalicielles cavities, Appendix not visualized.) and I was put an appointment with a gastro- enterologist.

At my appointment with the gastroenterologist for him my pain was due to my constipation and my painkillers and after insisting then he prescribed me a scan which showed that I was not constipated and the scan said that the images was subjective of chronic pancreatitis and that I had to do an MRI and a sigmoidoscopy, but I didn't know how to do the MRI because the last one I did passed out and I had a psychological block and then a Echo-transoesophageal instead of MRI and here are the results: (Pancreas with a lipomatous aspect. No sign of chronic pancreatitis. Gallbladder with alithiasic thin wall. Erythematous gastritis. Puncture and biopsies antral done and fundic for HP culture) and here are the results of the biopsy: (Duodenal mucosa with histological appearance within normal limits. Infectious gastritis. -Severity: +++, Activity: +, Helicobacter pylori: + to ++, Intestinal metaplasia: 0 and Atrophy :+) then I did the if gmoidoscopy here are the results: (Normal colonic mucosa, no correlation with the parietal thickening highlighted on the scanner.) and He also prescribed me a stool biopsy here are the results of the 1st biopsy: (Stool weight 860.5 g acid steatocrits +46.05%) and then I did another one here are the results: (Pancreatic elastase 1 83μg/g).
the gastro judged that my pain was caused by my taking oxycodone and as I knew that I would not be taken seriously because of my weight and the painkillers I immediately started withdrawal and I succeeded and I am stayed a year without taking it and the pain never went away and I came back with the proof that I had done the weaning and he didn't take it very well and he put the cause back on my weight.

After his I remained a few months without consulting because as I knew he would not take me seriously, my health began to deteriorate from week to week and via my doctor I made an echo to see if I had a hernia in the wall of the belly and here are the results: (No hernia detected, in particular during Valsalva maneuvers and while standing) and I also did an echo of my kidneys which showed that they were normal and I took blood tests fairly regularly and after several months it became increasingly bad and my iron level had dropped sharply so I was consulted by a hematologist on the advice of my doctor and she told me that he was suffering from an inflammatory syndrome and I started taking iron supplements without ever managing to reach the minimum level.

I saw a new gastro as I was afraid of dying because my state of health was deteriorating more and more and he prescribed me an abdominal scan which gave the results: (Heterogeneous hepatomegaly probably steatotic) and when I saw them again after he told me that I was going to die and that they would not help me… and I asked him what I could do to gain a few years and he told me that I absolutely had to lose weight and I had a nervous laugh because the problem is that I have a hormonal problem and because of this I can't lose weight and yet I don't eat very little to give you an example my sister who has made a bailpass eats much more than me so after I was told that I had fatty liver disease I completely changed my diet I removed all drinks like cola… before I only ate the least prepared dishes dear possible my now I take more healthy and balanced dishes and I drink bottled water aro Matted very slightly and since I did it I have lost a little over 40kg and it has reduced my pain a little and according to my doctor treating liver steatosis does not cause pain.

As my state of health did not improve at all and I was depressed, I turned to my mother and detailed my symptoms, which are as follows: (discomfort in the middle of the right leg with throbbing pain and the pain is less strong when I lie down, if I drink something very sweet the pain increases after 45m, I have iron anemia despite iron supplements, undigested food and certain medications too, extreme fatigue , feeling of discomfort as if I had a drop in blood pressure, inflammatory syndrome in the blood test…) so my mother told me that it strongly resembled her Crohn's disease because she had many identical symptoms with me then under the advice of my mother, I asked my doctor for a request to know my calprotectin level and here are the results: (Fecal calprotectin + 253.6)

I saw a new gastro at the beginning of 2021 to check whether or not I had Crohn's disease and he gave me a gastroscopy here are the results: (Helicobacter pylori) and a colonoscopy here are the results: (examination practiced with difficulty note 5/10 and no Crohn's highlighted) and he prescribed me an antibiotic treatment against Helicobacter and to my surprise at 3 quarter of the antibiotic treatment my pain had greatly decreased and it was the 1st time it happened to me and I had a glimmer of hope and I even did a blood test and we see a slight improvement in the inflammatory syndrome and I sent an email to report what I had just noticed my he never answered me and I did research to find a natural treatment to calm the pain linked to Crohn's disease because deep down I was sure that was what I had because it performed the examination incorrectly knowing that I had performed the bowel enema correctly and he hadn't even done a biopsy and while searching the net I came across the advice of people who took CBD oil to relieve the pain associated with Crohn's and I told myself that I should try it too because we you never know and I also took CBD oil and indeed it greatly reduced my pain.

via my doctor I still checked my calprotectin level in the stool and I waited until I was in the middle of a crisis of fatigue and I had stopped all medications that could affect the calprotectin level such as for example pantomed and here is the results: (Calprotectin + 885.6 mg/kg) and via my doctor I did an echo of the liver and bile ducts and here are the results: (Chronic overload liver disease, in the first hypothesis steatotic. Alithiasic gallbladder.)

I saw a new gastro and I explained the situation to her and indeed she agreed that the colonoscopy that I had done just before had not been done correctly and she gave me a new colonoscopy here are the results : (Rare erythematous patches predominant at the level of the right colon, nonspecific. Normal examination otherwise up to the level of the terminal ileum) and she told me that the biopsy had shown that he had inflammation my no Crohn's disease.

I hope someone can help me thanks.
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