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Continuous infection after burst appendix

Sorry I couldn't find a forum for Appendicitis anywhere on this website which I found bizarre. My husband had an emergency appendectomy on 26th Jan. It was laporoscopic surgery and they also found an abcess that was infected so he had a drain attached to him in hospital for 4 days to drain all the toxins out. They sent him home 30th Jan for a weeks rest and antibiotics to take. I had to take him back to emergency 8th feb as he had high fevers and pain in the same area. CT scan showed a collection of pus/toxins so he was kept in hospital until 17th Feb on IV antibiotics. His infection levels were up to 260 when they should be less than 10. The antibiotics started to work infection levels dropped to 50 and no more fevers so he was discharged 17th feb with another week to rest at home and antibiotics to take. He had a follow up appointment with the surgeon on 23rd feb and mentioned he can still feel tenderness in the same area where the infection was. The doctor said it is most likely due to there still being an infection so he put him on stronger oral antibiotics which he had been taking since last Thursday 23rd Feb. On Sunday 26th Feb he felt the pain wasn't improving and he could feel a bit of pain in his back now also so I took him back to emergency for the 3rd time in a month! They did a ct scan. Surgeon saw him Monday morning and said the scans looks better each time they do them and that there is no big collection/abscess like last time, it's more like the infection is stringed out so they can't just drain it. I don't know why they didn't just drain it the 2nd time he was admitted they kept insisting antibiotics were the way to go. So doctor has put him on stronger IV antibiotics than last time and he is currently still in hospital and we are at their mercy to see if these antibiotics work. He's only allowed clear fluids so has lost close to 10kg's. I am so frustrated it has gone on for this long and I pray that these latest antibiotics get rid of the infection once and for all but based on past experiences I am losing my optimism. Does anyone have any advice or have you been through something similar. Is there a light at the end of this never ending tunnel? :(
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